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Governor DeSantis paves a path to advanced Covid Monoclonal Antibody Treatment in Florida

September 9, 2021: There are dozens of reasons why Americans and international migrants are flocking to Florida, but none is more important than the outstanding leadership of Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis. "America's Governor" has made it clear that universally available, safe, and early treatment of Covid (using Monoclonal Antibody Treatment) will be made available to all Floridians - an approach to public health that all people deserve.

Governor DeSantis is well into the process of delivering Monoclonal early treatment to Floridians with great success already being observed in the field. To date, Governor DeSantis has 25 Monoclonal Early Treatment Centers fully operational (open 7 days per week).

All Americans should be demanding a similar Early Treatment Monoclonal Program roll-out in their respective States. Fortunately, Governor DeSantis continues use his bold leadership to create a blueprint for best-in-class public health policies that other governors can follow.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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