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Governor DeSantis will stand in the way of Biden & his failed policies - "Florida is a free state"

August 5, 2021: This is classic Governor Ron DeSantis gold. In this 4-minute segment of his most recent press briefing, Governor DeSantis sets the record straight as he lays out a crystal clear stance on Covid-19, public health policy, economic policy, Biden's southern border crisis, and the rights of all Floridians (including children).

For those who have been "tricked" by the efforts of mainstream media to cast doubt on Governor DeSantis' position on mandatory vaccinations, listen closely to his words in the press video. For your reference, DeSantis' position on vaccines is transcribed here: "We said from the beginning, we are going to make it [the vaccine] available for all but we are not going to mandate it [the vaccine] on anyone." On the other hand, Biden rejects science and our constitutional rights as he pushes his Marxist DNC agenda and insists that all US citizens forfeit their right to independently manage the health of themselves and their own children. Unfortunately, Biden is forcing his Marxist mandates in every form of government policy and public health with increasing intensity across the US.

With this press briefer, Governor DeSantis makes it perfectly clear that Florida will remain a free state and that Governor DeSantis "will stand in the way" of anyone who attempts to take away a Floridian's freedom. In Florida, there will be no mandatory mask wearing, lockdowns, Covid passports, or vaccinations - period! America's Governor, Ron DeSantis, sets the bar on American patriotism, courage, and strength yet again.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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