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Governor Ron DeSantis delivers a strong message of support to our Cuban neighbors

July 16, 2021: In his most recent press briefing, Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis stepped up in full support of our Cuban neighbors and called out communist dictator Miguel Diaz-Canel. Governor DeSantis offers the sort of leadership and integrity never displayed by Biden, Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas, Press Secretary Psaki, and the rest of his milquetoast DNC party. Indeed, Biden and his Marxist DNC party constantly strive to converge on the type of communist dictatorships we see in Cuba, China, and North Korea (likely directed by the demands and schemes of the globalist agenda).

This is a time for all Americans and freedom fighters around the world to throw our visible and active support in the direction of Cubans who are being oppressed and persecuted by a diabolical communist regime under Diaz-Canel. We all must protest the despicably passive (anti-American) posture of Biden and his party regarding this Cuban crisis.

Not a single American, regardless of political ideology, should ever accept the waffling and empty response by Biden, Mayorkas, Psaki, or any other member of the Marxist DNC party. Thank God America is still blessed with a handful of ethical and principled leaders like Governor DeSantis - the short video provided offers yet another illustration of the strength, courage, and decency of Florida's incredible Governor. Let's all pray that Governor DeSantis can find a way to protect our Cuban brothers and sisters in a way that Biden and his illegitimate "team" simply refuse to do.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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