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Governor Ron DeSantis draws out the Dark Side of Biden’s Un-American “Covid Fascism”

Feb 13, 2021: America’s leading “covid fascists”, Joe Biden and Anthony Fauci, attempted to throw their weight around during a tense exchange with Florida’s Governor, Ron DeSantis. They picked the wrong governor on the wrong day!

True to his uninspiring and illegitimate form of leadership, Biden has decided to imitate the excessive covid lockdown measures being taken by UK’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson. In recent days, Biden and Fauci have been running around flaunting their form of covid authoritarianism and setting their meddling crosshairs on all Republican States. Unfortunately for Fauci and his pathetic sidekick Biden, Governor DeSantis was in no mood for their brand of draconian covid health policies and pathetic threats. The ensuing conference call between Governor DeSantis and the Fauci-Biden partnership generated an exchange that most Americans would have enjoyed hearing in person.

During the call, Biden threatened Governor DeSantis with sanctions that would prohibit domestic travel to Florida from other States if Florida failed to initiate tighter lockdown restrictions to its residents. Governor DeSantis objected to Biden’s demands by citing the First Amendment’s right to freedom of movement and reminding Biden that he does not have the authority to impose such travel restrictions on the State of Florida (or any other State for that matter). Hiding behind the cover of CDC and NIH “advice”, Biden pressed on with his demands on the grounds that more time under an indefinite lockdown is required to “confirm” the efficacy of current covid vaccinations. This is a disturbing point as it illustrates that the vaccination is still in a trial phase, it confirms that the length of the demanded lockdown period is indefinite, and it suggests that current vaccination efficacy remains in question.

Backed by Fauci and CDC Director Rochelle Walenski, Biden is insistent that he has constitutional authority to protect the nation’s health from ‘rogue politicians’ deemed to be contravening Fauci’s national health guidelines. The DeSantis – Biden exchange to follow was intense:

DeSantis: “Florida absolutely will not comply. Instituting a travel ban or restriction of movement would be a gross example of federal overreach with no grounding in law or science. We have Covid-19 in check, and you’re trying to exert unlawful authority over our state and its people.”

Biden: “It may be necessary to withhold federal funding and to deny Florida access to Covid-19 vaccinations.”

DeSantis: “How much do you stand to earn from these vaccines, Dr. Fauci? And, Joe, if you continue with this course of action, I will authorize the state National Guard to protect the movement of Floridians.”

Biden: “Address me as Mr. President or President Biden.”

DeSantis: “I will not, and you can go [expletive] yourself.” DeSantis then hung up the phone.

[The source of the script provided, above, is attributed to Armstrong Economics – February 12]

After only one month in office, Biden is acting more and more like an insecure and ineffective dictator. In addition to his advanced cognitive decline, Biden’s obvious insecurities have a great deal to do with his 50-year track record of no accomplishments capped off by an illegitimate election “victory”. The reality is that everyone knows Biden is illegitimate, and he is growing increasingly aware that he will never gain the respect or support of most of the nation. To compensate, he will flail and desperately attempt to rule by decree and force his agenda through nothing resembling the leadership or wisdom required by an authentic American president. By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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