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Governor Ron DeSantis is about science, freedom & good governance - Biden is about force & ignorance

September 10, 2021: Florida's Governor Ron DeSantis responds to the anti-American, unconstitutional, discriminatory, hate-filled, tyrannical rhetoric of bio-fascist Biden. As always, Governor DeSantis expressed his commitment and mission to protect all Floridians from the tyranny and unconstitutional tactics of Biden and his unhinged Marxist DNC Party.

America's Governor drew a sharp line in the sand and will not tolerate Biden's senile "leadership" nor his science-absent Covid public health policies. Other Governors across America would do well to follow the example set by "America's Governor" and place freedom and human rights ahead of the toxic ideological obsessions of self-serving politicians.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

Flashback (August 4, 2021): Statement from Governor Ron DeSantis- "Florida is a free sate"

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