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Governor Ron DeSantis is not about to allow creepy Disney dogma to poison the minds of our children

March 13, 2022: CCP-funded corporations like The Walt Disney Corporation have been targeting and flogging our children with their "progressive", degenerative, and toxic dogma.

Disney CEO Bob Chapek has been teaming up with other woke organizations (i.e. Coke, Nike, United Airlines, Nabisco, and Professional Sports Leagues like the NBA and NFL) and fake media to push an agenda that is based on contaminating the minds of our children. These anti-American woke corporations are funded by the CCP to deliver a nefarious CCP agenda - an agenda aimed at destroying America by harming the early intellectual, emotional, and psychological development of our children.

Governor DeSantis is one political leader who will not permit sell-outs like Disney's Bob Chapek to attack the children of America using a CCP-funded anti-American agenda.


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