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Governor Ron DeSantis reinforces "Parental Rights in Education" through Florida's HB1557

March 28, 2022: The best Governor in America, Ron DeSantis, never takes a week off. This week, Governor DeSantis announced an education bill (HB1557) targeting the protection of children and parental rights when it comes to the right of parents to be involved in the content oversight and quality of their children's curriculum and any other salient matters relating to the well-being of their children.

Following last year's Parent's Bill of Rights and last week's Curriculum Transparency Legislation, Governor DeSantis signed the HB1557 Bill today.

The Parent's Rights & Education Bill (HB1557) includes 3 major considerations:

  1. Prohibits classroom instruction about sexuality and transgender themes in k-3 classrooms (and after grade 3, the curriculum must be "age appropriate")

  2. Parents must be notified about health care services offered at the school with the right to decline

  3. Any questionnaire regarding a student's health screening must be delivered to the student's parents first

Governor DeSantis will not back down from protecting a parent's fundamental role in the education, health care, and well-being of their children despite the unrelenting attempts of corporate media, Hollywood, and big corporations to undermine and damage the well-being of our children through their toxic dogma and attempts to indoctrinate.


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