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Governor Ron DeSantis rejects the concept of Covid-passports in Florida

Mar 23, 2021: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis continues to impress most of the nation with his informed, principled, and firm stance regarding “trendy” Covid pseudo-science and “woke” public health care policies. While millions of fellow Americans (and international people) battle the tyranny and excessive abuses of power by their local, state, and federal elected officials, Ron DeSantis continues to carve a path of leadership that is fair and considerate to Floridians while most residents of other States endure an iron grip from their elected officials. From useless disposable mask mandates to excessive lockdowns, DeSantis has never wavered. Yesterday DeSantis remained in good form as he emphatically squashed the outrageous idea of forcing Covid-passports on the residents and small businesses of Florida.

For those of you who have been comfortable forfeiting all your personal freedoms, rights, and choices to the government and public health authorities, perhaps your thinking will change with the idea of the Covid-Passport, the ultimate form of government control over its people. In the past year we went from a falsely innocuous commitment to “flatten the curve in a few weeks” to living indefinitely with social distancing, perpetual lockdowns, fascist-like mask enforcement, and now the distinct possibility of mandatory vaccinations. In other words, we have all been strung along and lied to by the very same people who have advanced their suspicious agenda by pushing for a mandatory Covid-Passport. This Covid-passport is being sold as a “supporting travel document”, however, with even the slightest bit of research you will discover the ultimate plan is to use this diabolical intrusion of privacy as a mandatory form of approval to fly, to drive, to work, to shop, to enjoy sports and entertainment venues, to use public parks and so on. In other words, it is the complete power and control device that bloated and abusive public officials are hoping to deploy to control every aspect of your lives and to obtain every feature of your own private health information. Are you comfortable with all of this? Governor Ron DeSantis is not, and he has indicated that he will protect his Floridians from this form of noxious government tyranny.

Not only will DeSantis not support this Covid-passport tyranny, but he also indicated that he would go after companies attempting to force customers to use a Covid-passport for entry into their premises. DeSantis stated in no uncertain terms, “[Covid-passports] are an awfully bad idea. Look, if you want to go to a movie theater or a concert or all this stuff, go. If you don’t, don’t. But, to require someone to show some type of proof of vaccination is completely unacceptable. It’s not something we are going to support here [Florida] in any way.” (NPR – Health News Florida; March 22, 2021) The DeSantis Covid-passport comment came during an hour-long public health roundtable involving four prominent scientists who all denounce perpetual lockdowns and school closures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Even though millions are being vaccinated, there is a push for the mandatory Covid-passport to be extended in the direction of all basic aspects of living. The DeSantis position is an exceptional display of courage and strength against a wave of “trendy” momentum coming from powerful agents seeking to team up with the government in this effort to strip even the most basic human rights from America’s citizenry. For example, the US Chamber of Commerce, airline trade organizations, and airline labor unions sent a joint letter to Biden and his Covid “team coordinator” (Jeff Zients) requesting “enhanced” standards for travel. Similarly, the European Union announced its intention to use “Digital Green Certificates” for European Union citizens to gain permission to travel across member nations (the digital certificates are to be issued and to be in use by this summer – “no certificate, no travel”). In Israel, people who are vaccinated or can prove recovery from Covid can obtain a “green pass” from the Health Ministry allowing them to travel and gain entry to gyms, theaters, and clubs. (NPR – Health News Florida; March 22, 2021)

On March 18, DeSantis made it clear that he will not follow the European and Israel examples,

We are definitely not going to require anything, from the state’s perspective. That is totally off the table. if I have businesses that want to do that in Florida, I think that is more than just a private decision. I think that impacts our society. That impacts people, particularly disadvantaged people, in a way that would really be negative for our state.

Jay Wolfson (a professor of public health, medicine, and pharmacy at Morsani College of Medicine in Tampa), said it is not advisable for Florida businesses to require patrons to provide proof of vaccination or negative tests. Wolfson said proprietors are unlikely to embrace this sort of action as it would drive off customers in large numbers. Regardless, Wolfson acknowledged that such draconian measures would be difficult to enforce especially given the firm and unwavering opposition from Governor DeSantis (who has already indicated that he will nullify any policies that attempt to punish patrons for not using masks or excessively applying proprietary distancing rules).

Florida’s House Speaker and R-Palm Harbor, Chris Sprowls, showed his support for DeSantis and his firm objection to the Covid-passport concept by saying,

That’s totally and wholly unreasonable based on what’s happening out there in the world. I think that businesses have required [and enacted] things that comply with CDC guidelines. I do not believe that [Covid-passports] are something that the CDC is even calling for. To date, I have not had a single business owner who has reached out to me and said we are in dire need of doing a Covid vaccine passport.” (NPR – Health News Florida; March 22, 2021)

All of this is great news for Floridians who expect their civil rights and freedoms to remain intact and in their own control. For other Americans and citizens around the world, the leadership of Governor DeSantis offers an example that all citizens should expect and demand from their elected officials. Given the balanced success of the DeSantis public health platform (measured in terms of the State’s health metrics and economic performance), Florida is an example for other states and countries to follow. The EA call-to-action is to lobby your elected officials and demand the choice to exercise your freedom and personal rights in accordance with the laws of our constitution and civil society. At no point should we ever forfeit our unalienable rights to the power-hungry politicians and unelected public health “authorities” who are clearly exploiting the Covid crisis for their own self-serving agendas and “profit”. Covid-passports must be emphatically rejected by anyone who cares to preserve their freedom and the freedom of their children. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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