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Horowitz: Studies show an aggressive Vitamin D campaign could have prevented nearly all COVID deaths

Horowitz: Studies show an aggressive Vitamin D campaign could have prevented nearly all COVID deaths

By: Daniel Horowitz of Blaze Media

December 3, 2021: What if we could simply have advised everyone last March to supplement with vitamin D (and active forms of D for those with absorption issues)? An endless stream of academic research demonstrates that not only would such an approach have worked much better than the vaccines, but rather than coming with sundry known and unknown negative side effects, it would have induced immeasurable positive side effects in the population for an array of other health concerns.

I recently changed doctors in search of a physician who actually follows science rather than political protocols from government and Big Pharma. My wife was searching through my medical records and found that eight years ago, my D level was just 18 ng/mL, well below the cutoff for insufficiency. Yet my former doctor never informed me of it or flagged it as a concern. Fast-forward to today after months of supplementing, thanks to the advice of people like Dr. Ryan Cole, and my level is at 67. This likely means that when the pandemic hit last March, my levels were still woefully low.

According to a new German study, the difference between a level of 18 and one over 50 is the difference between life and death. Why has this education not gotten out to the public, especially now that we are in the winter season, when there is essentially no natural vitamin D from sunlight above the 37th parallel? Or is the obfuscation by design?

With studies having shown zero correlation between lockdowns, masks, and vaccines and better COVID outcomes, there are now 142 studies vouching for the near-perfect correlation between higher vitamin D levels and better outcomes in COVID patients. It is likely the area of COVID-19 treatment research that has the most data behind it. However, a recent German study stands out from all of them because it comes the closest to proving this ironclad correlation to be causation.

Not only did the German researchers find a linear relationship between vitamin D levels and mortality from COVID, they found essentially zero morbidity for those with a D level above 50 ng/mL. The reason this study is so important relative to the dozens of others tracking D levels with COVID outcomes is because it measured the levels months before the patients got COVID as well as after the infection onset. “In most studies, the vitamin D level was determined several days after the onset of infection; therefore, a low vitamin D level may be the result and not the trigger of the course of infection,” note the authors.

This study, however, followed 1,601 hospitalized patients, 784 who had their vitamin D levels measured within a day after admission and 817 whose vitamin D levels were known before infection. As an adjunct to this sample, researchers also analyzed the long-term average vitamin D3 levels documented for 19 countries. The observed median vitamin D value over all collected study cohorts was 23.2 ng/mL, which is considered insufficient. The results were remarkable.

“At a threshold level of 30 ng/mL, mortality decreases considerably,” found the authors. “In addition, our analysis shows that the correlation for the combined datasets intersects the axis at approximately 50 ng/mL, which suggests that this vitamin D3 blood level may prevent any excess mortality. These findings are supported not only by a large infection study, showing the same optimum but also by the natural levels observed in traditional people living in the region where humanity originated from that were able to fight down most (not all) infections in most (not all) individuals.”

Based on these findings, they conclude that people should test their blood levels and supplement to get their levels over 50. Studies have already shown that one is 14 times more likely to die from COVID with vitamin D deficiency.

The reality is that most people’s levels are below 30 and many are closer to zero, especially among the elderly population. It is beyond criminal that 20 months into this endeavor there has not been a national campaign percolating down to primary care physicians to test and supplement vitamin D levels accordingly. Think of the numerous benefits of vitamin D — from a healthier immune system and stronger bones to decreased risk for heart attack and cancer — as opposed to the risks of so many of the other things we are harnessing to “fight” this virus. Why on earth would vitamin D not become the new vaccine when it provides more protection against the virus than any vaccine?

What is particularly scandalous is that the authors found that black people living in northern countries have lower vitamin D levels in general, and yet there has been no governmental push to raise awareness of their vitamin D deficiency. Instead, there is a relentless effort to shame them into taking shots that are unsafe and ineffective.

As the authors explain, the main cause of death from COVID stems from a “cytokine storm” when the body’s immune system releases too many toxic cytokines as part of the inflammatory response to the virus. Vitamin D is the key regulator of those cells, and the insufficient amount of D is nearly synonymous with a greater risk for a cytokine storm. In many ways, a cytokine storm is literally the outcome of vitamin D deficiency.

We’ve had 20 months to get our levels over 50, and certainly at least over 30. I had my levels increase by approximately 50 ngs/mL in a half year. Had the public been doing this at the same time, most deaths could have been avoided. Those with absorption problems could have been given the active form of D – either calcifediol or calcitriol – to raise their levels, bypassing the liver’s metabolic process very quickly. Studies have shown that almost anyone hospitalized with low levels but given the active form of D did not progress to the ICU thereafter.

A new study from Turkish researchers found that even a rapid regimen of regular vitamin D3 with the aim of getting people’s levels over 30 was wildly successful compared to people without supplementation. They found that those who used their treatment protocol to get their levels over 30 — even if they had comorbidities — were much better off than those without comorbidities who didn’t supplement. “Our treatment protocol increased the serum 25OHD levels significantly to above 30 ng/mL within two weeks,” concluded the authors. “COVID-19 cases (no comorbidities, no vitamin D treatment, 25OHD <30 ng/mL) had 1.9-fold increased risk of having hospitalization longer than 8 days compared with the cases with comorbidities and vitamin D treatment.”

Hence, if one believes government can violate human rights and place mandates on one’s body to get a job, if the government made a rule that you have to get your D level over 50 in order to get a job, at least it would be following the science. Not only are people with high D levels better off personally, unlike vaccinated individuals with low D levels, they are much less likely to affect other people by spreading the disease because they have lower viral loads. A meta-analysis of 23 published studies containing 11,901 participants found that one who is vitamin D-deficient was 3.3 times more likely to get infected with SARS-CoV-2 than one who is not deficient.

As a nation, we have been willing to harm our children, society, economy, mental health, and physical health with masks, lockdowns, shots, and experimental therapeutics that have zero or limited proven efficacy. Why would we not try an approach that comes with positive, rather than negative, side effects for our whole health? Perhaps the answer lies in what Big Pharma doesn’t want us to know about the benefits of high-dose vitamin D — not just for COVID but for other ailments they rely upon for their existence. All the political policies flow downstream from there.


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