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How "Obedient" are you? Take this quiz to find out if you are a part of "Mass Formation"

December 9, 2021: This is an interesting test that evaluates your propensity for "strength of character and independence" versus your propensity for "compliance and dependency". Although delivered with satire and humor, this test draws a sharp and real line between both sides of today's bifurcated society where we see a massive gap between those who value freedom and liberty and those who prefer a dependency on (and subservience to) governance by force and overreach.

Quiz Compliance-related Questions:

(1) In the past 2 years, do you find yourself saying "it's just for our protection"?

(2) When criminal organization tell you to take their products for your protection, do you comply?

(3) Do you believe mandates are a good idea because they are meant to keep people safe?

(4) Do you believe the news is a source of unbiased information and about what is truthfully happening in the world?

(5) Do you believe freedom of speech is a dangerous act that should have limits?

(6) Have you been convinced that rioting is a safe act that is intended to bring about positive change?

(7) Is it hard for you to describe the difference between a man and a woman?

(8) Do you believe in separating children by race in schools while telling white children they are inherently evil and African American children they will never amount to anything?

(9) Do you believe independent fact checkers (that are funded by Facebook) are actually "independent" and actually checking facts?

(10) Does it make sense to you that we would all be better off if we just let the government take care of us completely because self-responsibility is intimidating and because communism hasn't been implemented the "right way"?

(11) Do you believe billionaires who fly their own private jets to Switzerland to discuss climate change (and routinely buy beach front property) are really concerned about climate change?

(12) Do you wait for Fauci's permission to do things instead of doing what you want?

Scoring your "Obedience" results:

Level 1 Obedience - if you answered "yes" to one or more questions, you are "Level 1 obedient"

Level 2 Obedience - if you answered "yes" to six or more questions, you are "Level 2 obedient"

Level 3 Obedience - if you answered "yes" to ten or more questions, you are "Level 3 obedient"

Level 1 Independence - if you answered "no" to all 12 questions, you are a "Level 1 independent" (sovereign free-thinking individual)

Source: Special Contributor to Extremely American NL


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