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How to Heal Post-Vaccine & Counter Adverse Effects (Organic Lifestyle Magazine)

How to Heal Post-Vaccine and Counter Effects

Detoxing from vaccines is a process without a definite timeline. Think of it as an ongoing journey. Toxin accumulation, especially heavy metals like mercury, can take a long time to remove from the body. Vaccine toxins can be cumulative, building up with each vaccination, adding to the toxin load we acquire from the enormous amount of environmental toxins we encounter every day.

If you’ve been vaccinated and suffer from serious vaccination damage, you’re best off living a lifestyle that promotes detoxification for the rest of your life. The truth is, you may never be able to dispel all of the toxins that have caused the damage. Living the healthiest possible lifestyle may be your only way to live symptom-free. But then again, to one degree or another, this is true for everyone.

Clearing the vaccine injury with naturopathic and homeopathic remedies is an option. The time between the beginning of the protocol and full recovery is dependent on the severity of the damage, the length of time the damage has been severe, and the amount of suppressive therapy that was administered (pharmaceuticals). All pharmaceuticals will need to be flushed from the body, and the damage they caused must be healed as well.

While some can often recover from a vaccine injury in a matter of weeks or months, detoxifying and repairing the body can take years if the damage is severe (brain damage) or the protocol and diet are not strictly followed, (for example, children who refuse to eat raw vegetables.)

Ingredients That Need To Be Detoxified and Why

Ingredients and derived-from ingredients include, thimerosal (yes, there are plenty of vaccines that still contain mercury), aluminum (some say it’s even worse than thimerosal), MSG, GMOs, and human DNA, Every single vaccine is toxic, and many ingredients are known carcinogens or neurotoxins. Vaccines are toxic by nature; the vaccine is designed to excite the immune system. In fact, every single ingredient in vaccines is toxic in one way or another.

Consider that the preservatives are designed to kill or prevent the growth of microorganisms. That’s what preservatives do. But vaccines need to do this while preserving the antigen. So we’ve got an antigen, which of course is toxic to the body, and we have a preservative, which is generally very heavy and very toxic that is designed to kill organisms, and we have ingredients designed to cause damage so that the immune system is aroused. It doesn’t take a scientist to understand how damaging this can be to the body, especially when repeated over and over. “An individual’s reaction to a vaccine is often similar to how the body would react to the natural disease.” Some of the damage is due to the sheer accumulation of toxins, some of the damage is due to the immune response, some of the damage is due to dumb luck of where the toxins settle within the body. It should be noted that these toxins can shift at any time, which is why vaccine injuries can occur days, weeks, and even years after the actual vaccination.

A person who would willingly administer or receive an immunization is a person who does not fully understand the importance of microbes in our biology, how the immune system and natural selection works, and how toxins affect biology.

We’ve got formaldehyde (a probable human carcinogen), mercury (a neurotoxin and the second most toxic substance known to man), aluminum (a known neurotoxin, 75% of which is retained in a newborn and up to 40% in an adult, stored in the kidneys, spleen, liver, heart, brain, lymph nodes, and muscle), cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (a hazardous substance), MSG (a neurotoxin), 2-Phenoxyethoanol (a hazardous toxin), and polysorbate 80 (a toxin associated with serious adverse effects including death), and this list is not complete.

Many of these toxins are synergistically toxic, for instance thimerosal’s toxicity is multiplied by the presence of aluminum, and some antibiotics. You can have harmful reactions with your immunizations from past vaccines.

Even if each and every vaccine were to be proven safe and effective despite its toxic ingredients, no one knows how much damage is done by combining multiple vaccines.

What Damage Is Caused By Vaccines

An individual’s reaction to a vaccine is often similar to how the body would react to the natural disease. In most cases, those most susceptible to vaccine damage are those with a compromised immune system – the same individuals who would suffer the most damage from the natural disease if they contracted it.

Generally, the healthier the individual is prior to the shot, the less severe the reaction. The directions in the package insert (package inserts that provide medical directions to the doctors and information for the patients) specifically say not to vaccinate a sick child. Vaccinating sick children and adults dramatically increases the risk of an adverse reaction.

Minor vaccine damage typically includes fevers, ear infections, sinus infections, diarrhea, and other similar symptoms. This is the body’s attempt to discharge the vaccine matter. Often these reactions are suppressed with antibiotics and other drugs. When antibiotics are given, the gut becomes diseased with fungi and antibiotic resistant pathogenic microbes. Vaccine ingredients alone can still cause diseased intestines due to their powerful antimicrobial nature. “…if you think vaccines are ‘perfectly safe’ or ‘healthy’ you do not understand health…” Many vaccine ingredients linger in the body, especially the viruses. Vaccines are cocktails of preservatives, pathogens, and adjuvants. Adjuvants are intended to stimulate your immune response to the vaccine-introduced pathogens, and they do stimulate your immune system successfully, but they destroy tissues in the process. Mercury and aluminum are used as adjuvants and preservatives, so this is a case where the treatment for the disease (the vaccine) can be worse than the disease.

It should be easy to understand now why the majority of vaccine toxins will have to be expelled from the body before the body can quit reacting to the disease the vaccine was intended to protect against.

Vaccine ingredients can also cause severe allergic reactions to certain proteins that have been injected into the body, creating an immediate allergic reaction (anaphylaxis) or a food sensitivity like a peanut or egg allergy. The body will not stop reacting to the allergens until the body has expelled the vaccine ingredients and has been returned to full health.

Vaccines severely distort the balance of minerals in the body, which causes vitamin and other nutrient imbalances as well. This leads to a weakened endocrine system, which causes hormonal imbalances and poor brain function, along with fatigue. Eventually, if the gut is not healed, the body will deteriorate into an autoimmune state. (Sometimes this happens very quickly and other times very slowly.) Almost all disease is based on inflammation. Vaccines are designed to cause an immune response, which causes inflammation. Until the vaccine ingredients are expelled from the body, the body is in a constant inflammatory state. It’s no wonder multiple sclerosis, cancer, fibromyalgia, lupus, diabetes, and so many other autoimmune diseases can be tied back to vaccinations.

Understanding basic biology, how cells function, and what just a few of the vaccine ingredients do (as proven by science), one can only conclude that vaccines are toxic to the body. Again, if you think vaccines are “perfectly safe” or “healthy” you do not understand health, and consequently it will be much more difficult to get well.

Other common vaccine damage symptoms include, but are not limited to, anaphylaxis, fever, convulsions, coughs that do not resolve, cramps, decomposition of the blood, developmental delays, degenerative conditions, acne, ADD, ADHD, food allergies, seasonal and environmental allergies, Asperger’s, asthma, autism, cavities, colds and flus (often times ongoing), confusion and disorientation, digestive problems, diphtheria, ear infections, eczema, emaciation, epilepsy, eruptions, head banging, behavioral problems, cancer, headaches, hepatitis, hives, inability to eat various foods, inability to focus, insomnia, learning disorders, liver and kidney problems, measles, neurological deficits, polio, repetitive illnesses, meningitis, multiple sclerosis, neuralgias, restlessness, rheumatic conditions, septicemia, shingles, shock, SIDS, skin eruptions, sleeping all the time, sleeplessness, tendency to get sick, tics, violent outbursts, and warts.

The reason vaccines cause damage and the body can react with so many different diseases and ailments is that vaccines aggravate the immune system and the vaccine toxins build up; they do not easily dissipate.

Image above: Close up of senior man applying cool gel pack on his shoulder before doctor making covid 19 vaccination injection dose.

If a vaccination is being forced on you, do not agree to pay for it and do not sign any kind of release or consent form. If you are about to choose to vaccinate or you feel the risks are better than the consequences (loss of job, CPS, vaccine mandate laws), you can minimize the risk by detoxifying the body of heavy metals, strengthening the immune system, and ensuring the gut flora is balanced and healthy. This can all be done by starting the detox protocol a couple of weeks before the vaccine is to be administered.

On the day of the vaccination, take an ice pack with you. Apply it to the injection site immediately after receiving the shot to lessen the immune response.

Vaccine Detoxification Protocol(s) For Adults

The first step is to eat right. Eating the right kind of foods promotes constant, proper, gentle, healthy detoxification.

Some of our favorite brands include Shillington’s Organic Solutions, Wise Woman Herbals, Gaia Herbs, Thorne, Progressive Labs, Pure Encapsulations, Douglas Labs, Standard Process, Allergy Research Group, and Professional Complementary Health Formulas. Green Lifestyle Market sells most of these brands, but not all. With Shillington’s products, we also give the recipe whenever possible so you can make the tinctures, teas, and other formulas yourself. If you’re choosing to use a product from another brand for the purpose of use in this protocol, make sure the ingredients are clean and potent! There’s a lot of junk out there, so shop carefully.

This is not a specific protocol, and natural medicine does not have to be an exact science. Some people will see more benefit from one aspect of the program than another. But it’s important to get the diet right. Don’t eat crap and expect to get well. It does not work that way. For detoxing and for healing, the diet is far more important than the supplements. In fact, most people who suffer from a vaccine injury could heal fully with only the diet and lemonade recipe and no supplementation though it would take longer, and will vary depending on the severity of the injury. And while supplementation without diet can reduce and even reverse some symptoms, it takes much longer, and the person will not get to a place of vitality and well-being.

Eat to Detoxify

Fruits and vegetables all have some form of detoxification properties. The only problem with fruit is its high sugar content. When someone’s gut is damaged, sugar can promote Candida overgrowth. So, if Candida symptoms exist, fruit should be severely limited and eaten with anti-fungal supplements.

Vegetables should be varied and plentiful. Eat a large salad every day with lots of different vegetables. Try introducing new vegetables and fresh herbs into your salads each shopping trip. Food has synergistic properties, and this is especially true for vegetables (and fruits that are known as vegetables, too).

A healthy diet consists of a minimum of 80% raw fresh produce with many more vegetables than fruits. Add herbs into your cooking like garlic, oregano, cinnamon, turmeric, and other spices and herbs with amazing health benefits. Try to find the whole herbs, like turmeric and ginger root and cinnamon bark, as opposed to the powdered versions. Your food will taste much better, and your body will feel the difference, too. Cilantro (coriander), garlic, and parsley are well known for their ability to chelate metals and they have many benefits including huge immune system boosting properties.

Eliminate refined foods, smoking, (including marijuana), and limit or eliminate anything else that can introduce heavy metals and other toxins to your body. This, unfortunately, can include rice and many kinds of fish. These are normally fine foods for health, but they are too often contaminated with heavy metals. If you do eat rice or fish, do your research and find the brands that have been proven clean (arsenic in rice) and the fish with the lowest contamination (mercury). Avoid root vegetables and herbs that are not grown in clean soil.

This means choosing organic vegetables and avoiding all vegetables grown in China! The majority of garlic sold in the U.S. is grown in China and it is often highly toxic.

Eat lots of vegetables rich in sulfur compounds like, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, broccoli, onions, shallots, garlic, and leeks.

A Gallon a Day

Here’s what you’ll need for cranberry lemonade:

  • Glass gallon jar

  • 14 cups (almost a gallon) of safe, clean, spring water or distilled water

  • 1 cup of organic cranberry juice, not from concentrate

  • 3 organic fresh lemons – juice them

  • A citrus juicer

  • Liquid stevia – to taste

  • Liquid cayenne – to taste

Most people should drink a gallon a day. Some people cannot due to health issues or due to their smaller size, but regardless, you can drink a lot of it, and it will help flush and cleanse the whole body. There are many benefits to this recipe, but make sure you use healthy, organic ingredients and safe, clean drinking water.

Balance and Heal the Intestinal Tract

Maintain one bowel movement for each meal or at least two to three movements per day. If this is difficult, Shillington’s Intestinal Cleanse, or a product of similar formula with high-quality ingredients should be taken. Bowel movements, for most people, will come with ease shortly after adopting the aforementioned diet high in produce.

Links for all recommended products, where to buy and how to make, and for more information for those with specific ailments, are also listed below the article.

If bowel movements did not come easily, especially for anyone who eats raw produce and other fiber rich foods, hypothyroidism may be a problem. It is very common for mercury to affect the thyroid. If your thyroid function is fine, the next likely reason for difficult bowel movements with a proper diet is a magnesium deficiency. (This deficiency is likely to correct itself with a proper diet.)

Wellness does not happen without balanced intestinal flora. Taking a probiotic and supplementation known to kill Candida and other yeast can balance the flora. The intestinal cleanse also balances and kills Candida and other parasites. Any probiotic should be formulated or encapsulated to pass through stomach acid alive.

Get as much rest and sleep as your body needs. During detoxification, many people need more than the typically recommended 8 hours of sleep.

Other Recommended Detoxifying Supplements

The proper diet is by far the most important aspect of health, healing, and detoxification. In cases where damage is severe or you really just want to boost or speed up the process, supplements can help you detoxify. Supplements are not, and never will be, a substitute for the right diet. They are a supplementation to the right diet and nothing more. In fact, they don’t work well with a poor diet.

Niacin, charcoal, vitamin C, spirulina, chlorella, diatomaceous earth, edible earth clays, and beneficial fats and other nutrients and herbs can radically accelerate the detoxification process when they accompany a healthy diet. Flushing with Niacin.

Niacin, otherwise known as B3, is a very inexpensive way to boost the efficacy of a detox. You want the flush kind, not the “no flush.” Doctors usually recommend starting with 100 mg, but up to 5,000 a day has been used for serious drug detoxification and other urgent detox needs (such as chemical poisoning).

Don’t take niacin for too long. Taking any one single B vitamin for a long time causes an imbalance or deficiency of other B vitamins. Long term, high dose use of B3 can also damage the liver.

Take it in the morning. In 30 to 45 minutes when it kicks in, exercise or do the sauna. Try some hot tea. Drink lots of fluids (like the cranberry lemonade) and sweat out the toxins. Niacin won’t do you much good if you aren’t flushing out the junk while you do it. It’s powerful. You’ll be itchy, hot, and flushed red all over. Most people without seriously damaged livers can easily handle 500 mg for a few days. The effects last about an hour.

Perhaps 15 – 25 mg would keep first timers from screaming bloody murder, and allow for a more gentle, beneficial experience.

A word about the process might also be appropriate, as in the patients where I worked for seven years did not appear to have a clue about how to best utilize this vitamin as a cleanse. (Take a small amount to start, if no effects, i.e., the flush, observed, up the dose by the same increments, until it occurs. Then stay at that dose until no more effects felt, followed by upping the dose until next flush. Maintain until no more effect, then up the third time, repeating this process. Three times through should then be put on hold for weeks to a month or two depending upon health status, before starting again.) Hopefully, a side note or a foot note, will save beginners that pain and frustration from overdosing the first time around, i.e., a simple word of strong caution. This note of concern is from one who has used this cleanse for many decades, as well as assisting others through the process.” – Richard

Detox With Food Grade Activated Charcoal

Food grade activated charcoal is derived from burning pure, untainted organic substances such as coconuts or certain woods without using toxic chemicals in the process. Charcoal forms a chemical bond with heavy metals and many other toxins and is easily flushed from the body.

The action of activated charcoal involves adsorption, not absorption of toxins. Adsorption is the electrical attraction of toxins and heavy metals, but not beneficial nutrients, to the surfaces of the fine charcoal particles. This is more of a chelation process. The charcoal itself is not absorbed into the body, so the toxins attached to the charcoal particles exit via the bowels. Don’t be surprised by black stools.” – Natural Society

For vitamin C, spirulina, and chlorella, Dr. Shillington has developed a nutrition formula. It contains clean, high-quality spirulina and chlorella along with highly bioavailable vitamin C in its best forms – ground rose hips and citrus. Check out the recipe here or see the link below. If you choose another multi-nutritional supplement, we highly recommend using a brand that is a nutrition powder made of ground, pure, nutritionally complete food with the enzymes still intact. The chlorella and spirulina are not only amazing superfoods that chelate and detoxify the body, they are both highly bio-available proteins, and they have a synergistic effect with the other ingredients. Do make sure any chlorella or spirulina is from a trustworthy source. These ingredients, when coming from cheap sources, are known to have contaminants.

Dr. Shillington also makes an intestinal detox, which contains psyllium, flax, pectin, bentonite clay, and charcoal.

Epsom Salts, Clay Baths, and Hot & Cold Hydrotherapy

Epsom salts and clay baths help to pull toxins from the body while they cleanse the skin and unclog pores to allow more toxins to flow out. Hot and cold hydrotherapy increases blood flow throughout the body. Hot water pushes and increased blood flow to the skin’s surface while cold water drives the blood deep to the core.

Alternating hot and cold water brings fresh blood with oxygen and nutrients to the organs and glands and carries away toxins and pathogens. Dr. Shillington suggests starting with water as hot as you can stand for a minimum of two minutes. Then turn off the hot water for two minutes of cold—the colder the better. Alternate back and forth for a total of 20 minutes, ending with cold.

Detoxification For Children

Obviously, the proper diet and supplementation can be tricky for younger children. Smoothies are a great way to sneak in super-foods and supplements like the nutrition formula, turmeric, ginger, and small amounts of Shillington’s adult supplements. Shillington also offers a children’s intestinal cleanse made with Fig syrup, prune syrup, senna leaf, ginger root, fennel seed, wild cherry, orange peel, turkey rhubarb root, and cascara sagrada bark in maple syrup. For children with rashes or any other sign of Candida, this formula should be taken with a strong probiotic. For children who won’t take capsules, try Bio-K. They are little yogurts available at Whole Foods and other health-oriented stores. Don’t get just any yogurt you see; most yogurts will do more harm than good. Bio-K is a specifically designed bacteria formulated to pass through the stomach acid alive and well. CHILDREN’S DOSAGESTHE 150 RULE

Doc Shillington recommends the following rule for determining dosages for children: “Most of the time, herbal remedies that are used for adults can also be used for children. I personally have only 1 (one) formula that is designed specifically for kids and that is my Intestinal Kleanse for Kids. The only reason for this is that my regular Intestinal Cleanse Formula is in a capsule and has some very strong Habanero Cayenne in it. It is simply too large and hot a dose for a small child. Besides, trying to get a capsule down a 6-month-old is next to impossible. But, all the rest of my formulas can be given to children using the following guidelines for dosages given.”

This 150 Rule is very simple. Place the amount of your child’s weight over 150 and reduce it down to it lowest fraction. Here are some examples followed by a general weight / dose chart.

Let’s say a child’s weight = 50 pounds. Put the 50 over 150 as in 50/150 and you’ll see this reduces down to 5/15 or 1/3.

“A child weighing 50 pounds would therefore get exactly 1/3 the adult dosage of any particular formula. The standard dose for Total Tonic would be 2 dropperfuls, 3 times a day (6 dropperfuls in all). This 50 pound child then would get 1/3 of this amount = 2 dropperfuls only once a day, or 1 dropperful twice a day depending on the child’s program.

If a child’s weight = 75 pounds. Put the 75 over 150 as in 75/150 and you’ll see this reduces down to a dose of only one half (½). In the Total Tonic example above, this 75-pound child would get 1 dropperful three times a day. Get the idea?

This 150 Rule can also be used for extra small or extra large adults who are very small or extra big.

Example: A woman who only weighs 100 pounds would have a 2/3 dosage whereas a man who weighed 300 pounds would put the 300 over the 150 = 300/150 and would end up getting two times the normal dosage. It works both ways.

Here are some more weights pre-calculated out for you:

  • 125 lbs = 5/6 Dosage

  • 25 lbs = 1/6 Dosage

  • 15 lbs = 1/10 Dosage

Remember, we’re not talking rocket science here, so a little extra or a little less will not hurt. I’ve seen some pretty dramatic and awesome results from someone who accidentally took twice the recommended dosage. But in the same breath, remember to use gradients to be on the safe side.”

If money is tight, and you can only purchase one product for a child who will be, or has been vaccinated, probiotics are that one thing. A balanced gut is imperative. When breastfeeding, be absolutely sure to include lots of garlic, turmeric, ginger, avocado, and coconut oil in your diet, along with a good powdered nutrition formula.

How to Reverse Vaccine Damage

In addition to the protocol above, the endocrine system (thyroid, adrenals, etc.) and the gut microbes must be addressed for any kind of serious illness, whether it’s vaccine damage or any autoimmune issue. Strong, high-quality probiotics should be taken every day until all symptoms are alleviated. Gluten, casein, GMOs, MSG, artificial ingredients, and other toxins including ingredients from commercial cosmetics and body care products must be completely avoided.

Turbocharge the immune system with echinacea, oil of oregano, high dosages of highly bioavailable vitamin C, and enzymes. Our top two recommendations for vitamin C are Total Nutrition Formula and liposomal vitamin C. Echinacea of high quality creates a “fuzzy” feeling on the tongue. These supplements are especially beneficial for antioxidant support and immune support, perfect for anyone prone to infection and dealing with detoxification burdens. Cayenne, garlic, goldenseal root, and burdock seed and root, are all powerful blood purifiers. Clean blood equals a stronger immune system.

Make sure fats are balanced and the body has enough vitamin D. This is essential for healing and for building a strong immune system, as well as enabling the body to properly assimilate other nutrients.

In many cases, improvements will not be seen until the gut and the thyroid are healed. A strict diet is essential. With vaccine damage and a leaky gut, progress can quickly reverse if one strays from the diet. The body that is already reacting to foreign invaders and damage from toxins damage doesn’t need to battle a new slew of Candida, other foreign proteins, and other toxins entering the bloodstream through a leaky gut.

B Vitamins and Magnesium for Autism

Dr. Gaby reports the following information regarding vitamin B6 and magnesium. “In several studies, 10–15 supplementation with vitamin B6, alone or in combination with magnesium, was beneficial for autistic patients. Improvements included increased alertness, better communication and social interactions, higher intelligence quotient (IQ), fewer emotional outbursts, and less self-mutilation. Most studies used large doses of pyridoxine (30 mg/kg of body weight per day, to a maximum of 1 g/day in some studies; 75–3,000 mg/day in other studies). However, one study reported positive results using a relatively low dose of pyridoxine (0.6 mg/kg/day) in combination with magnesium. When magnesium was used, the dosage range was 6–15 mg/kg/day. The combination of vitamin B6 and magnesium appeared to be more effective than either nutrient alone. In a small number of patients whose initial favorable response to pyridoxine wore off, improvement was again seen when the patients were switched to pyridoxal phosphate (the biologically active form of vitamin B6). While the mechanism of action of vitamin B6 and magnesium is not known, these nutrients are thought to work in part by modulating dopamine metabolism.” – Gaby, Alan R., MD. Nutritional Medicine

Enzyme Supplementation For Vaccine Damage, Autism, and Any Other Disease An enzyme is a large protein molecule that is found in all living things, from food to humans to cats and dogs. Enzymes control the speed of chemical reactions in your body. They are responsible for the chemical process that converts food into microscopic particles or nutrients that create your tissues and organs, your hair, skin, and nails. Without enzymes, no metabolic activity will occur. Some enzymes, like the ones in your gut, break down large molecules into smaller ones. Others, like the enzymes that make DNA, use small molecules to build up large complex ones. Enzymes also help cells communicate with each other, keeping cell growth, life and death, under control. Enzymes are essential to life.

Digestive enzymes break down food. Plant enzymes break down food in the pre-digestive phase of digestion before stomach acid inactivates them. Metabolic enzymes, also known as systemic enzymes, break down foreign proteins and fibrin and clean your blood of impurities. Consider the ramifications of this. Fibrin builds up when the body is damaged. It’s an important part of the healing process. Enzymes eliminate this scar tissue. Enzymes also eliminate viruses.

When a virus contacts a human cell, its external coating connects to the cell and the virus becomes able to contact DNA. This connection to DNA permits the virus to reproduce in a rapid manner. Proteolytic enzymes consume the exterior coating of a virus, rendering the virus permanently inert. They also break up circulating immune complexes in the blood. They enhance the elasticity of erythrocytes and reduce aggregation of blood platelets, increasing blood fluidity and its circulation in tissues. Enzymes are what take out the garbage, and they are the tools to rebuild the body. But the body can only produce so many.

‘When the body quits producing proteolytic or protein digesting enzymes responsible for controlling fibrin levels in the body system, the body dies within 24 hours. The more enzymes we supplement the body with and get in our diets, the longer we live. It’s that simple. Heart attack, stroke, somewhere, somehow, the body will cease to function.” – Dr. Tim Kelly Enzymes are the fountain of youth if ever there was one. Aging appears to begin between the ages of 27 and 35 when the production of enzymes that dissolve protein begins to diminish. Scars stick around longer and remain more prominent. Aches and pains take longer to fade, injuries become slower to heal, and our body just doesn’t seem to recover like it once did because it doesn’t. We do damage to our body simply by being alive, and the more damage we do, the more enzymes we need to repair the damage.

Everybody can use more enzymes. We cannot get an optimal amount in our food unless we grow most of our own food with best practices to produce the most nutrient dense crops. Even then, we could still use more. Our body produces enzymes, but only a finite amount. The more foods we consume that are void of enzymes, the more we use up our finite supply. Enzyme supplements fall under two categories: digestive and systemic. Digestive enzymes are taken with food to help digestion. There are also enzymes in raw foods that make it easier to absorb and properly assimilate nutrition.

Systemic enzymes (pancreatic enzymes, proteolytic enzymes, metabolic enzymes) are a bit more complicated. Getting enzymes from the digestive tract into the bloodstream isn’t easy.

Enzymes released in the stomach will help digest food but will not survive the stomach acid. This is why systemic enzymes are typically offered in an acid-resistant capsule. The capsule is designed to release in the more alkaline environment of the intestinal tract. As long as the enzymes are taken on an empty stomach, the results have been shown to be spectacular. Systemic enzymes have been used to treat problems and successfully eliminate ailments ranging from physical injuries, arthritis, heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, autism, herpes, HIV, (seems to work against any virus) fibromyalgia, asthma, and so much more. Most of the research has been published in non-English language journals. This systemic use of oral enzyme supplementation is just beginning to take off in the United States.

There are no reported side effects with systemic enzymes. Massive doses do not cause any problems or side effects, unlike high doses of pharmaceutical drugs or extremely high doses of supplements and herbs. The initial dosage, which is often one potent enzyme pill taken three times daily, 45 minutes before or 45 minutes after a meal, can be raised by three tablets daily every few days until the desired therapeutic response develops. A person given more than 3700 enzyme tablets in one day experienced diarrhea, but this was attributed to the capsules, not the content. The only side-effects from the enzymes themselves will be reduced inflammation and reduction of damaged and decaying cells, fibrin, viruses, and other proteins that have been introduced from a leaky gut or the body’s own mutated proteins (which happens under stress).

Enzyme supplementation is not a quick fix, but over time, they do produce amazing results. Consider systemic enzyme supplementation for repairing the damage done to the body from vaccines, infections, toxins, or anything that would cause any damage. Enzymes can help the body to reverse its age. What is age if not accumulated damage?

Keep Doing It

As I mentioned above, most people with any health ailments are perfectly capable of restoring their health to a much better place through diet alone. This includes vaccine damage. If you’ve had a vaccine, you have been damaged by the vaccine. The question is to what degree and whether the body already compensated or healed from it.

The benefit of concentrated herbal and supplemental therapy is their ability to speed up the healing and detoxification process. But most of these protocols do very little for most people when their diet is not right. The worse the diet is, the more supplements are going to be needed to compensate, up to the point at which the diet is so bad that supplements, at best, are merely slowing the decay of the body.

For those who are very sick and cannot function well enough to eat a well-balanced diet, a supplement protocol may be the difference between life and death, or at least, a miserable life and getting well.

These processes must not be hindered by medication aimed at suppressing the symptoms. While it may not be wise to stop taking medications under certain circumstances, the best one can hope for with even the most radical detox and nutrition overhaul program (such as this) is a body that works better. But to actually be healthy, one cannot continue consuming high levels of toxins such as pharmaceuticals. Some of the above therapies will not apply, and many together may be overkill for the average person just looking to detox on a budget. But take your pick and pull what works for you. Or if you’re particularly ill, do your best to understand the whole process, and incorporate as much as you can that works for your budget and your health. Regardless of the ailment, this protocol can heal almost everyone if practiced long enough. Vaccines damage us from many different angles, and a holistic approach to healing is critical to reverse the damage.

Multiple injuries from vaccinations require each injury or disease to take its own time to heal and be cleared from the system. As the immune system becomes more in balance, it will be able to clear toxicity. Allergic symptoms will diminish and cognitive function will increase as the vaccine ingredients that the body is reacting too are expelled.

If you’re overwhelmed or want to pick a few more of the best supplements for your issues, or if money is tight, I recommend just taking SF722 and Abzorb. And put the rest of your energy on diet. Eating right is paramount, and when it comes to healing, supplements are not very effective for very long without a proper diet.

Diet is critical – even more important than the supplements. Eat a diverse large salad every day.

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