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If you have to take a COVID injection every 3-6 months it is NOT a vaccine, it is a drug addiction

May 16, 2022: Sometimes you have to resort to the pain of viewing CNN and their cast of compromised anchors (i.e., Anderson Cooper) to make yourself aware of the gravity of their propaganda and choreographed manipulation.

According to Bill Gates, his "vaccines are a miracle". According to the sociopath Bill Gates, there will be a permanent need to vaccinate more than once every six months.

This mRNA gene-altering injection is not a "miracle" nor is it a "vaccine"; it is, however, a drug addiction being pushed by government and NGO bio-racketeers and their financially sponsored media agents.

It goes without saying that anything being pushed by corporate media and Big Pharma should be interrogated with the highest threshold of skepticism given the disgraceful track record of these menaces to society.

To assist in the vetting process, turn to ethical experts in epidemiology and virology. Dr. Robert Malone heads the Global Covid Summit (GCS). GCS offers a regular stream of expert insights along with updates regarding Covid and ongoing assessments of public health policies relating to Covid mitigation.

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