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In The Wake Of The Afghanistan "Intentional Tragedy", POS Biden Tries To Project Relevance

Communist and POS Biden, is trying to "pivot" to other global affairs but, it's not working even though the media and technology companies are doing everything in their collective power to erase or disappear the effects of Biden's anti-American, pro-Communist and anti-Christ policies.

American's will not forget that the POS Biden continues to unjustly hold AMERICAN POLITICAL PRISONERS, that he is promoting a racist agenda through critical race theory, that he intentionally has made America energy dependent, that he is flooding our southern border with what will be millions people from all over the world that not been background checked, that he is sending American manufacturing jobs overseas to benefit the large corporations that benefit from China's pool of slave labor, the he has allowed millions of Americans to be censored, that he has used the slimy American Agencies to cover up his and his families corruption, that he is intentionally spending our country into what will result in the United States Dollar losing its crucial role as the Global Reserve Currency, that he is adding an unserviceable debt load on our children and grand children, that he stands by while the CCP is fully engaged in live organ harvesting, and that POS Biden left Afghanistan in disgrace leaving behind Americans and 83 Billion dollars in American Military equipment.

EA plans on sending out daily reminders so people do not forget POS Biden's crimes against America and the rest of the world. Please do your part to expose #POSBIDEN

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