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Long Island Audit Video Library Link:

Long Island Audit (Sean Reyes Reyes) Episode Overview:

"I was conducting a First Amendment Audit at the Town Hall in Orangetown, NY. While peacefully gathering my content, I was confronted by an unknown public servant from the Town Supervisor’s Office. Since she failed to properly identify herself I will refer to her as “Karen”. Karen was extremely rude, insisted it was HER building and that I had to pay $5,000 dollars to exercise my rights there. Karen then escalated the situation and told responding officer Kalaf to 'delete my footage'. Emboldened by this poor excuse of a public servant he attempted to steal my camera. Despite All of their unlawful efforts the situation didn’t end the way they expected and they were educated. We the People will hold them accountable."


If you feel the need to redress your grievances to your government regarding this incident I will leave contact information below.

Always remember, this is your right under the 1st Amendment to the U.S Constitution!

Orangetown Town Hall: Karen’s real name is Carmel Reilly Her boss is Teresa Kenny Supervisor Teresa Kenny (845) 359 5100 Extension 2293


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