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International Lawyer & Freedom Advocate Reiner Fuellmich Seized by German 'Officials' in Mexico

International Lawyer and Freedom Advocate Reiner Fuellmich Seized by German Government in Mexico

October 20, 2023: German lawyer Reiner Fuellmich, who had been working on a project known as the “Second Nuremburg” to hold the originators of the Covid bioweapon plot accountable, was seized over the weekend by German authorities in Mexico where he and his wife had been staying. He was promptly flown to Germany and arrested.

Fuellmich had reportedly lost his passport and scheduled a visit to the German embassy in Tiajuana, Mexico. When he arrived, German authorities were waiting for him and whisked him onto a plane bound for Munich, Germany, where they then arrested him. He is reportedly now sitting in a jail in Frankfurt. The exact charges remain unclear as of this post. But please be in prayer for Reiner and his family.

Fuellmich is licensed to practice law in Germany and in the U.S. state of California.

UPDATE: When he entered the embassy on Friday, there were six men waiting to detain him. The charges, as his attorney Dagmar Shoen found out when she received the official papers, were 30 pages long, so this was something carefully planned and executed. The charges are related to allegations of Viviane Fischer, a former team member of Fuellmich’s on the Corona Committee, who accused him of financial wrongdoing.

Three people reportedly signed the charges against Reiner. Perhaps the craziest aspect of the charges is that the money Reiner allegedly took is in the bank account (or anyway, was in the bank account) of one of the three people.

Technocracy.News Editor in Chief Patrick Wood, who has worked in the past with Fuellmich in getting out the truth about Covid, stated “They lured him into the German embassy in Mexico, where they kidnapped him. He was not arrested in Mexico because there is no extradition treaty (between Mexico and Germany).”

According to an article in Global Research, protests against the German government’s action are being planned by those who support Fuellmich and his work.

Fuellmich heads up the International Crimes Investigative Committee, which is working to unveil the criminality surrounding the release of Covid and the extraordinarily criminal response that engulfed basically every country in the world — including the mandating of toxic injections marketed as “vaccines.”

Former president of the Asia Institute, Emanuel Pastreich, stated in an article for Global Research:

“What I do want to stress is that we must unite to support not only him, but thousands of people like him who are standing up against the efforts to turn governments into the puppets of corporations, international banks, and the billionaire class, the parasite class, that lurks behind them. We know that if we do not stop this effort to destroy the rule of law, at every level, to create a separate realm that belongs only to the very wealthy and powerful, that we are guaranteed a global fascistic system which will, if it can, exterminate us in precisely the way that was attempted in Europe in the 1940s.
“I want to also stress that this effort to suppress someone working so hard to enforce the rule of law and to bring the truth to everybody, at precisely the moment that a drive is on to start a world war between Israel and Iran, including the United States, and conceivably many other countries, is no coincidence, but in fact they are parallel.
“One is an effort to force-feed us war as the basis for law, governance, and the economy; and the other is an attempt to destroy all the foundations for the rule of law and for rights for citizens.”

He further stated: “If we cannot name the crimes, if we cannot identify the enemy, there is no way that either beautiful words, or rapid action, can have any possible positive outcome. And we know all too well that these invisible powers have already set up for us a baited gambit, giving us false choices, whether it be between Trump and Biden, or Hamas and Israel …choices which are intended to confuse us and to divide us against each other so that we cannot come together in opposition to this domination of the entire world by the billionaire class.”

Source: Leo Hohmann


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