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Is Canada becoming “CHINADA”?

Feb 2, 2021: Canadians are enduring the most severe lockdown measures in the world with restrictions so draconian they can only be compared to the horrors witnessed in the cities of Melbourne and Victoria, Australia this past summer. As daily Covid-19 cases “reportedly” spike, Canadians sit on the edge of their seats as they roll on to week 7 of house arrest from a Government that spews unending propaganda and Canadians resemble scared mice scuttling about wearing 2 face masks (as per public health suggestions). Small businesses crash, gyms are locked up and restaurants forced to close. To ensure our children are kept miserable, the outside skating rinks have been covered with sand and gravel and fines are issued for tobogganing. In addition to this utter nonsense, the Province of Quebec has nightly curfews enforced; in spite of a virus that has a 99.8 % survival rate. As Canadian's basic rights are being completely stripped, the silence is deafening as most Canadians appear to be terrified of their own Government. Perhaps its the mandatory Quarantine Centers being enforced on those who dare to travel outside Canada or the account of a young man and woman who were thrown into jail and endured 4 days of solitary confinement for attending a protest against the lockdown measures. Canada’s Socialist approach to governance resembles nothing more than a mere flickering ember as Communism raises its monstrous head through the creation of “snitch lines “ for nosey neighbors who spy on and accuse their own neighbours of defying “Provincial Lockdown Orders.” These fictitious and baseless “Lockdown Orders” are being enforced by un-elected bureaucrats and wreaks of enslavement whilst completely ignoring “The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.” Law enforcement is much easier when the public blindly and obediently police each other. To be honest, all of this feels like a bad movie. We are experiencing a government that has weaponized itself against its own citizens by means of unconstitutional constraints. We have all noticed a virus that mutates as quickly as the next public health puppet who imposes restrictions on a mentally exhausted public witnessing the pervasive and self-inflicted loss of Canadian businesses, livelihoods and autonomy. Any person with 2 living brain cells on duty has to wonder what the true agenda is behind a virus masquerading as a serial killer. Those who spoke of a looming “Great Reset” 10 months ago were quickly denounced as “Conspiracy Theorists” and, yet, this past September Canadian PM Justin Trudeau was exposed by Tucker Carlson of Fox News for explicitly stating that the Covid 19 Pandemic was the means to usher in the “Great Reset” during a video conference with the United Nations. The U.S.A need only to look to their northern neighbors as they embark on their own journey with a President who is nothing more than a Globalist Puppet. A puppet who has signed more executive orders and squashed more jobs than any other President in American history in just a matter of weeks. By: Extremely American Contributor & Canadian Correspondent Cynthia Crockett


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