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It is Time to Know Your Enemy and to Fight & Defeat the "Ghosts in the Machine"

The Ghost in the Machine

By: Benny Johnson

August 3, 2023: The Ghost in the Machine .. What is really happening to America in 2023?

The indictments have nothing to do with Trump. Not really. Conversely, the cover-up of impeachable crimes has nothing to do with Biden.

Don’t kid yourself. Joe Biden is not powerful or smart. He’s barely alive. And that’s the point.

This is a pure exercise in POWER by those who truly *wield* power in our society: The security state.

The ‘security state’ is made up of a constellation of permanent Washington DC apparatchiks who cling to the power center like fossilized barnacles.

The security state *never* puts their names on a ballot. Too dirty. They would not dream of stooping that low.

They are the Ghost in the Machine!

It’s far superior to control who CAN run for office. And who is allowed to WIN that office. And who is allowed to STAY in office (i.e., Nixon & JFK).

Presidents come and go. This system stays the same. The security state system has been in place for more than 70 years.

All Presidents kneel. No President crosses them and survives... until the great breaking of the system in 2016.

This was the year the security state was internationally humiliated and proven to be powerless frauds. Paper tigers.

I mean, if Donald Trump beats your anointed Clinton candidate in a landslide AFTER you *rigged* the election against him — you’re powerless.

And the world saw it. And a crisis broke out among this community like never before. They only have power because of projection. And that projection was shattered.

The American people broke this system in 2016 and Trump was our tool. We rejected and laughed in the machines face.

This caused a psychotic break in the machine. A vengeful spite for regular Americans who humiliated them metastasized.

They clawed back power by breaking every rule with a demonic furor and black vengeance.

TODAY is a practice in pure power and a controlled demolition is taking place. If they can’t run the country, they’re going to burn the place down.

See this corrupt-as-hell, old diseased, dementia-riddled child predator?

He’s President. We made him President. Just to insult you. We can do this.

See how he never gets prosecuted for his obvious crimes? We can do that. We control “Justice” itself.

See that orange man who hurt us?

He’s facing 1000 years in jail for non-crimes. We made them up. We’re charging the President for “free speech” now. We control “truth” itself.

What are you gonna do about it? Protest? We will throw your grandmother in jail for “protesting.”

Try something smart and we’ll release another virus. Lock you down again. Destroy your neighborhood and stock market and currency.

You, the American people are NOTHING and we the MACHINE are everything.

This is a practice in exercising POWER against the people of America.

A show of force. Now you know your enemy.

Fight them. While you still can.

Source: @bennyjohnson on Twitter


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