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Jackie Homan shines light on the radical & racist K-12 curriculum offered at Greenwich, CT Schools

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

June 4, 2021: Greenwich Resident & Student Advocate, Jackie Homan shines light on the racist K-12 curriculum offered at public schools in Greenwich, CT.

Jackie Homan, a champion for student’s rights and freedoms, has worked tirelessly to educate parents on the materials that are being used to “educate” Greenwich children. Jackie Homan serves as an example of the type of challenges that are faced by parents that are in pursuit of transparency when dealing with their local boards of education.

In preparation for a Greenwich, CT Board of Education meeting that was held on May 20th, Mrs. Homan created posters and materials that highlighted the things that are being taught to her children. The posters are published below. Warning, you will find these posters offensive, however, all parents must be made aware of this content. Keep in mind that this material is being shown to young children in Greenwich, Connecticut and most certainly to millions of children across the county.

Slideshow: Examples of Dr. Toni Jones K-12 Unpopular & Radical Curriculum

Prior to the May 20th Greenwich Board of Education meeting, Mrs. Homan stood in front of the posters that were displayed at the main entrance of the Central Middle School but, briefly left them unattended. Unfortunately, there was enough time for someone to take the posters and hide or destroy or trash Mrs. Homan’s important materials. After Jackie Homan discovered that the posters were missing, she quickly reported the incident to a police officer who acted professionally and quickly to address Mrs. Homan’s concerns.

Mrs. Homan also alerted the Greenwich, CT Schools Superintendent Dr. Toni Jones and other board members to the May 20th incident via email correspondence.

In summary, the Greenwich Police Department was able to determine that the posters were thrown out by the school caretaker at the request of Dr. Toni Jones. According to Toni Jones, and in an ultimate twist of hypocrisy, the items were deemed offensive and ineligible for display at the school. Jackie Homan is quick to point out Toni Jones considered the items too offensive for the parents to see but, not too offensive for the young children of the parents to see.

After Toni Jones admitted that she destroyed Mrs. Homan’s property she refused to cover the costs to replace the posters.

Greenwich residents are bewildered by the reaction of the CT Board of Education to Jackie Homan’s reasonable request for reimbursement but are even more perplexed by the inclusion of the radical, racist, and Marxist Critical Race Theory (CRT) that is being taught to Greenwich children in social studies, math, science, and English classes. The images of the elementary K-12 Greenwich curriculum (provided in this article) should be a stark warning to all parents and a call for all parents to take immediate action against their schools (including a demand to drop all curriculum relating to CRT).

Video Link: Presentation made by Jackie Homan to the Greenwich School Board

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Unknown member
Jun 04, 2021

Really fortunate to live in Florida and Governor Ron Desantis has blocked the Critical Race Theory from our state!!!

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