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Jacqueline Guzman: Disgraceful NYC Actress rants about slain Officer Jason Rivera's Funeral Service

Updated: Jan 31, 2022

January 30, 2022: Jacqueline Guzman is the bitter voice and dark heart of the unhinged left. This is a pungent example of a person inflicted with an ideological disorder characterized by a sickening behavioral pattern that goes beyond words.

Just listen to this selfish and insensitive miscreant (Jacqueline Guzman) whine about the "inconvenience" caused by the memorial service for slain NYPD Officer Jason Rivera. Jacqueline Guzman is a disgraceful and typical representative of the "entertainment" community - she symbolizes the rabid and toxic mal-condition of the entertainment industry.

Image Below: Unhinged and anti-Police Actress Jacqueline Guzman

Fortunately, most citizens admire and revere the courageous service of our men and women in blue. Officers like Jason Rivera made the ultimate sacrifice, and we will always hold Jason and his family in our hearts.

In moments of crisis, we tend to see the best and the worst in people. Officer Jason Rivera is a hero; Jacqueline Guzman is shallow and reprehensible human being.


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