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January 6th, I was there

After watching this Soviet era show trial called the second Trump Impeachment Trial, it has become obvious to me that something very strange is happening in the United States of America. It is as if we are engaged in a war of "Good versus evil".

I was in attendance at the January 6th, 2021 Trump address at the Ellipse. After its conclusion, I followed many fellow patriots from the Ellipse to Capital Hill with the intention of engaging in a peaceful and respectful show of support for President Trump. We all waited in anticipation for the counting of electoral votes, hoping that President Trump would be provided the opportunity to present evidence of election fraud. My intention was not to participate in anything that would harm people or damage the reputation of the America First Movement.

The Trump speech at the Ellipse reminded me of the feeling that you have at a football tailgate party without the drinking or pot smoking. Most of the people at the event were within the age range of 45 to 65 with a few young families mixed into the crowd. In fact, there were even street vendors selling merchandise just like what you would see at a professional football game.

After Trump's speech, many members of the crowd slowly walked over to Capital Hill but, I did not observe any irregular or unruly behavior. I was in the middle of the crowd so I could see many people following and many people leading. Upon arriving within eye sight of the Capital Building, I noticed a very thin group very close to the entrance right by the steps. As I got closer, I noticed that they were much younger and that they were dressed differently than the MAGA crowd that was in attendance at the Ellipse. As I got closer, It was as if I was leaving a fun atmosphere and entering something different.

Generally speaking, the feel of the crowd’s energy was more positive and upbeat as the distance away from the Capital Building increased. For example, there were groups of young college-aged people making racial slurs while they were marching and gathering in close proximity to the Capital Building. These trouble makers did not resemble the profile of the crowd at the Ellipse. It is worth noting that many America First people where shouting, "They are ANTIFA! Don't listen to them" in response to the evil comments being delivered by a group clearly not representative of the America First movement.

After everyone heard loud bangs and saw smoke, the crowd began to quickly thin out. Eventually, a message came to my cell phone indicating that there was going to be a curfew and instructed people to leave. At that point, I'd say that 99% of the crowd had left or was in the process of leaving the Capital Building grounds. All that remained was the younger more aggressive and poorly dressed crowd. While I was leaving I witnessed people on the steps and in the large area to the left and right of the steps waving American and Trump flags. There did not appear to be any effort to control the crowd (in the area of the steps) given that this group of people did not appear to be dangerous.

I did not see anyone breach the building, I did not hear gun shots and I was not close enough to see what was happening inside the building. In fact, I didn't know that anyone was injured or killed.

Once I got home, I was saddened and surprised to learn about the injuries and deaths. One of the last things I remember about the event was when a person at Capital Hill showed me a picture of some guy with his feet kicked up on Nancy Pelosi's desk - an image which I thought was kind of funny at the time. I thought, "What a knucklehead! I wonder if he knows that he's in big trouble". At that time, I had no idea that people had been killed near and inside the Capital Building. According to Darren Beatie of Revolver.News, no evidence of Brian Sicknick being killed by MAGA supporters exists and it appears that the only victims of the January 6th, 2021 event were Trump supporters.

Reflecting on that day makes me feel as though the supporters of President Trump where led into a trap that was designed to make our movement look bad. It also makes me feel as though the second impeachment is more about the impeachment of the nationalist, populist, America First movement. If I am right, everything starts to make sense when I consider my experience on January 6 in combination with world events. Censorship, suppression of opinions, opposition to the notion that "all lives matter", open borders policy that is designed to change the voting demographic of America, political support for ANTIFA/BLM that hate America and it’s citizens, defunding police, destructive economic and energy policies, increased regulation, hate for religion and, of course, support for the Chinese Communist Party. If it feels like the politicians in Washington are radical it is because they are radical. If it feels like they hate the notion of America First it is because their actions illustrate a palpable hatred of the notion of America First.

America is at cross-road and I pray to God that there are enough good people to help us get our county back on course. By: Extremely American Kevin Wright

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