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Joe Biden: "America is a nation that can be defined in a single word, azafutdufuml, excuse me"

April 8, 2022: You cannot make any of this up. We have the cackling moron of an illegitimate VP (Kamala Harris) combined with an illegitimate "Resident" of the White House (Joe Biden) who cannot complete a single simple sentence without a laughable gaffe.

Of course, all of this theater around Ketanji Brown Jackson is an obvious attempt by the DNC to distract from the "train wreck" of their unending massive policy failures by drawing attention to the pedophile-friendly, child-molester-friendly, "child grooming" new SCOTUS justice.

Here's the buried lead. Ketanji Brown Jackson will do nothing to solve the disastrous failures of the DNC. She's simple a fleeting distraction who will act as the next lame SCOTUS shill dressed up in black robe tasked with subverting American tradition and well-being.

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