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Joe Biden is Obama, period point blank

Joe Biden and his masters (Barack Obama, Susan Rice, John Kerry and Nancy Pelosi) are all working diligently to tank the United States of America. How else would you explain the following policy decisions given the current situation in the America and the rest of the world.

100 disastrous days of Biden:

  1. Convert and degrade America from an energy independent power house to a country experiencing major power outages and gas line disruptions. Policy reversals on the Paris climate accord, drilling in ANWR, and Keystone Pipeline have all contributed to America's energy problems.

  2. America has moved from a low inflation and high economic growth economy to a high inflation and low economic growth economy. Recent jobs and inflation data highlight high unemployment and inflation. This condition resembles the problems faced by America while under the "leadership" of Jimmy Carter.

  3. America has gone from a rapidly improving immigration situation to a county that has does not control its own borders. Anyone from anywhere can enter the United States without qualification because of Biden's irresponsible policies and reckless executive orders.

  4. Irresponsible Government Spending done under Biden policies has placed a massive burden on young Americans. According to the Washington Examiner, "a new economic study of the Biden-Harris agenda has put the added cost to taxpayers at over $36 trillion over the next decade, and it warned that it would send the economies of five key battleground states spiraling into deficits".

  5. The Biden policies regarding China are alarming and illustrate the weakness of a feckless and compromised Biden. Our reaction to China's intentional release and spread of the "fauci virus", theft of our technology, unfair trade deals and our reaction to the the CCP's genocide of the Falun Gong, Uyghurs, and Chinese House Christians show an embarrassing lack of courage coming from America.

  6. The unrelenting and treasonous Biden attack on the first and second amendments.

  7. Forcing unproven "fauci virus" vaccines on all Americans even though these vaccines are dangerous experimental gene therapy techniques that are proven to cause a number of horrible side effects. The long term effect of these forced vaccines remains "unkown".

  8. Normalizing the hate entities blm/antifa while destroying the national, state and local justice systems.

  9. Weaponization of the IRS, DOJ, FBI, CIA, FEC, FCC and every single government agency as a means to harass American citizens.

  10. The destruction and "politicalization" of the SCOTUS will ruin the American system of checks and balances and destroy the rule of law immeasurably.

  11. Intentional weakening of the American Armed Forces has emboldened our enemies.

  12. Normalizing election fraud provides evidence that the ruling class does not respect elections or the right for every American vote to count.

Just as Obama did, Biden is rapidly "transforming" America into becoming something that is completely unAmerican. Biden has done more damage to America in 100 days than any foreign enemy has ever done to the United States in all of its glorious history.

By: Extremely American Kevin Wright


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