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Joe Biden & the DNC's failed policies are causing the highest inflation rates in over 40 years

April 11, 2022: So much for Joe Biden, Jen Psaki, and the rest of the DNC Marxist Party claiming the surging inflation experienced over the past year was "transitory" and "under control". They lied.

These political hacks lied about the connection between Biden's Marxist policies and pervasive / soaring inflation. They've lied about the cause of the Biden Era of Inflation. They are lying about the impact of Biden's inflation on the American people. They continue to lie.

In the end, Biden and his "DNC ship of fools" have stubbornly stuck to a disastrous set of economic policies grounded in Marxist logic and philosophy. Biden must own the inflation that he caused - a self-inflicted inflation scenario that is crippling and stifling the nation across every demographic category. Similarly, Biden must own all other failing economic indicators that reflect on the failure of his illegitimate administration.

Below: Jen Psaki (DNC designated liar) blames Putin for Biden's Inflation and failed economic policies


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