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Joe Rogan calls out CNN’s Sanjay Gupta for his network's blatant & willing lies about Ivermectin

October 15, 2021: In true mastery of stating unapologetic truths about so many matters important to a massive podcast audience, Joe Rogan pins down the "ever-slippery" CNN medical contributor Sanjay Gupta. In this exchange, Rogan goes after Gupta and his disgustingly dishonest news network. CNN has been notoriously guilty of spinning and peddling endless lies about Covid, Covid vaccines, Covid treatments, and fear-inducing false "Covid news".

Throughout this JRE exchange, notice how Gupta attempts to (pathetically) pivot away from the truth (but without success) as weak, insincere, and dishonest guest responses will never be tolerated by Joe Rogan. Sanjay Gupta realized, the hard way, that life outside the CNN "cocoon of lies" is not tolerated.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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