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Joel B. Pollak: The Hunter Biden Laptop was the Whole Ballgame

Pollak: The Hunter Biden Laptop Was the Whole Ballgame

By: Joel B. Pollak

December 5, 2022: It is easy to forget, amid the sordid details of Hunter Biden’s laptop and how it was covered up by Twitter, why it matters. The laptop was not ordinary negative information about a candidate. It was the whole ballgame: it showed that Joe Biden had engaged in shady deals with China; that Biden had enriched himself, while in office, from his son’s corruption; and that President Donald Trump had been right to suspect Biden’s role in Ukraine.

The latter point is crucial, because it implicates the entire Democratic Party, which impeached Trump in 2019 over a phone call he made to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, asking him to investigate the Bidens. It is true that Joe Biden was one of Trump’s major political opponents at that point. It was likewise true that the links between Joe, Hunter, and Ukraine had only just begun to emerge, with serious implications for policy.

In other words, it was a legitimate topic for any administration to investigate, first because it could affect the national security of the United States, and second because it exposed conflicts of interest that existed in the Obama-Biden administration that needed to be exposed to root out any corruption. The impeachment now appears to have been an effort, in part, to cover up those conflicts of interest and protect Biden’s 2020 chances.

To date, we have never seen a full investigation of Joe Biden’s finances, and how they depended on Hunter’s foreign business ties, and whether those relationships affected U.S. foreign policy. The Department of Justice has a special counsel to chase some documents at Mar-a-Lago, but nothing has been done about corrupt ties that may be having an ongoing effect on national security.

The cover-up continues; it must be stopped.


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