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John Fetterman Debating 'Skills & Intellect' on full Display: Montage of an epic Verbal Trainwreck

October 26, 2022: Senatorial candidate John Fetterman debated his opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz last night (October 25). Three questions came to mind as one painfully endured Fetterman's endless drivel during the Oz-Fetterman debate:

  1. How did Fetterman ever become Pennsylvania's 34th Lieutenant Governor?

  2. How can this man possibly be the Democrat's "best" Senatorial candidate for Pennsylvania?

  3. What kind of family and group of handlers would ever allow John Fetterman on debate stage knowing he literally cannot string a single sentence together without confusing an audience?

Video Link: Montage of John Fetterman's Debating Trainwreck

Pennsylvanians have a clear choice before them. There is absolutely no way a single Pennsylvanian can vote for John Fetterman unless they do not care about the prosperity and future wellbeing of this Commonwealth State.

Other video clips are provided below for further (painful) reference.

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