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Jonathan Weissman: A Full Risk-Benefit Analysis of mRNA Science & Medicine

December 1, 2021: Jonathon Weissman, a full-time cyber security expert and a part-time independent bio-security researcher, presents a full and detailed risk assessment of Covid and mRNA technology / science. Jonathan Weissman methodically applies a risk-benefit framework based on four key pillars of analysis: Safety, Efficacy, Strategy, and Ethics.

The presentation includes a wide range of critical themes including (but not limited to): Covid-19 Virion, UK Vaccine Deployment, the UK Yellow Card Scheme, Bio-distribution of Spike Protein, Spike Protein Pathologies, Reprogramming of Innate Immune Cells, All-Cause Mortality, Univeral Vaccination, Acquired Immunity, Immune Escape, the Antigenic Sin, the HEK-293 Cell Line, Pfizer's Clinical Trials, Pharma Fraud, and Public Health Risk Management Best Practices.

This video contains essential content for anyone seeking a proper Covid and mRNA risk-benefit framework to work with. Weissman's detailed analysis of medical science and data relating to Covid and the consequences of Covid is exceptional. Similarly, the science of mRNA vaccine technology and medicine is brilliantly articulated in terms that most people will find straightforward and intelligible.

Please watch and share this critical content with anyone you care about.

Jonathan Weissman's website:


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