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Justin 'Black-Faced' Trudeau is Angling for his Share of San Francisco's Reparations Payment Program

'Greetings, Fellow Persons of Color!' Says Justin Trudeau Arriving in San Francisco

January 20, 2-23 (SAN FRANCISCO, CA): Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been spotted in town after hearing the proposed payment of $5 million in reparations for all black people. The otherwise pasty, white Prime Minister appeared to have painted his entire body with black paint.

"Greetings, my fellow persons of color. What's crack-a-lackin' my homies? Haha you feel me?!" said Justin Trudeau bursting inside the city council meeting and awkwardly trying to shake hands with a complete stranger. "I hear that all us colored folks are due to get $5 million a piece. Am I in the right spot to pick it up or what, cuh?"

"As a lifelong black man and black resident of San Francisco, I think I speak for all us black folk when I say it's time for these whites to pay up!" continued Justin Trudeau failing to read the room. "So who's ready to go buy some Cadillacs and listen to Little Wayne?"

According to sources, many of the attendees who were actually black and actually city residents found themselves somewhat amused by this strange racist white guy from the North, but refused to entertain his request for reparations.

At publishing time, the city council meeting could take no more and had Justin Trudeau escorted from the premises after he said, "Pippity poppity, give me the zoppity!"


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