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Justin Trudeau's assault on Journalism is his crowning moment for an era of Communism in Canada

April 13, 2022: Justin Trudeau is attacking honest journalism and reporting in Canada and ushering in his brand of "Canadian communism" to along with all of his other tyrannical actions against common Canadian citizens. Unfortunately, far too many Canadians are standing around as if Trudeau is a benign or temporary threat. Make no mistake, the threat presented by this effeminate little "beta-leader" is terminal in nature and likely irreversible if a critical mass of Canadians don't do something about Trudeau as soon as possible.

Thankfully, ethical and credible news outlets like Rebel News are battling to report on the tyranny of Trudeau and his authoritarian Liberal Marxist Party. While Rebel News continues to represent authentic news and journalism in Canada, it is essential that news outlets and citizen journalists outside of Canada continue to cover Trudeau's tyranny and his violent assault on the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

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