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Klaus Schwab's "Build Back Better": Massive Protests in Panama over Skyrocketing Inflation

MASSIVE PROTESTS in Panama Over Skyrocketing Inflation, Demonstrators Block Roads

July 18 (PANAMA): Panama is the latest country in crisis as citizens rise up against the regime over the high inflation following the COVID pandemic.

Panama is reportedly the latest country on the verge of collapse.

Less than ten days ago the Sri Lankan government announced it was bankrupt. The president fled the country and the people stormed the presidential palace. Is Panama the next domino to fall?

Protesters were back in the street on Monday after talks with the regime failed.

RFI reported:

There were fresh demonstrations and roadblocks in Panama on Monday as pressure groups turned their backs on a deal signed with the government to end their protest in exchange for a fuel price cut. After union leaders consulted grassroots supporters on the deal announced Sunday, it was decided to continue the protest, said Luis Sanchez, a leader of the Anadepo civic grouping. “We had warned the executive that we still have to consult the rank and file,” he told the TVN-2 channel.

The agreement, he added, “was signed under pressure” and members have opted to continue the mobilization that had seen trucks and banner-waving demonstrators paralyze the strategic Pan-American Highway.

Source: The Gateway Pundit


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