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Kyle Rittenhouse is 'NOT GUILTY' & it's bringing out the worst in disgraceful MSM & political hacks

November 21, 2021: Leave it up to our disgraceful and toxic mainstream media (and compromised politicians) to drag an innocent 18-year-old through the mud. Leave it up to the mainstream media to reject the judicial process and decision involving an ethical judge and a jury of peers. By now, everyone should know that MSM has zero credibility and serves the sole purpose of fomenting and inciting violence among the masses.

Mainstream Media's recent handling of the Rittenhouse legal case reflects everything wrong with media today. They are "natural haters" and "society's saboteurs" and they aim to manipulate others into their pathology of hateful ways.

Fortunately, most people understand this pathology of media hatred and wrote off MSM and corporate journalism years ago. Their coverage and their words are devoid of any meaningful content.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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