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Mainstream Media (CNN, MSNBC, FOX) - the biggest lies from society’s biggest liars

Mar 5, 2021: This topic never gets old! Today, EA delves into a brief, but clear articulation of the biggest media lies coming from the biggest media liars (limiting ourselves to the deep media swamps of CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News). By now, everyone should be aware of the ‘choreography of deceit’ taking place between all mainstream media (MSM) networks and their respective manipulation of the news – news coverage dripping in insultingly ‘canned’ narratives and language. Many viewers have used the disgraceful behavior of MSM (and their casts of unethical and immoral anchors and hosts) to abandon MSM in droves. With good reason, former MSM viewers ditched CNN, MSNBC, and Fox in search of alternatives that are not so inclined to manipulate, selectively censor, waffle, and flip-flop on news coverage and analysis. Indeed, there is a massive community of informed citizens in America and around the world in search of reliable, fair, and balanced reporting. We will conclude this article by providing helpful suggestions for our community who may be in search of alternative ways to find deep sources of information that are based on intellectual honesty, integrity, and sincerity.

The MSM networks have successfully engineered casts of anchors and an approach to news that is completely unreliable, completely biased, and completely dishonest. For this reason, it should not be surprising that the moniker ‘fake news’ stuck so quickly, so easily and so permanently. While the designation ‘fake news’ perfectly applies to MSM, it does fall short of the diabolical nature MSM and why it delivers such depraved and radioactive forms of ‘fake news’. Simply stated, ‘fake news’ is a name that does not explain the intentional nature of MSM’s goal of misleading and misinforming their viewing audience – MSM fake news is intentionally created and used to drive political/ideological agendas and narratives in support of the most loathsome globalists and uniparty elitists worldwide.

EA, using several factors (a filter based on variables reflecting a lack of intellectual accuracy, honesty, and integrity), has created a ‘top 12’ list of the worst and most untrustworthy anchors and reporters found on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox News. News coverage by anyone on these ‘top 12’ should be regarded as highly toxic, deceitful, manipulative, biased, and unreliable. Hopefully, the EA audience is not punishing itself by viewing the trash found on CNN, MSNBC, and Fox. If, however, anyone is ever exposed to any of these fake news networks it is critical to disregard coverage by anyone appearing the following EA “top 12” lists of the worst.

CNN ‘Top 12’ most deceitful anchors and hosts: Don Lemon, Brian Stelter, Chris Cuomo, Christianne Amanpour, Brooke Baldwin, Jim Acosta, Brianna Keilar, Sanjay Gupta, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Fareed Zakaria, and Van Jones

MSNBC ‘Top 12’ most deceitful anchors and hosts: Joe Scarborough, Mika Brzezinski, Chuck Todd, Rachel Maddow, Nicole Wallace, Katy Tur, Chris Matthews, Savannah Guthrie, Chris Hayes, Al Sharpton, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Brian Williams

FOX News ‘Top 12’ most deceitful anchors and hosts: Juan Williams, Donna Brazille, Chris Wallace, Geraldo Rivera, Brit Hume, Bret Baier, Marie Harf, John Roberts, Karl Rove, Andrew Napolitano, Harris Faulkner, and Ed Henry

As you take note of the worst of ‘fake news’ anchors and reporters, above, consider their reckless and unprofessional coverage of the biggest lies and deceptions that have been promulgated and peddled in recent years. In the coming weeks, EA will provide detailed coverage of fake media’s greatest lies. For now, we will list the top eight lies from fake media and ask that our readers consider how inconsistent, deceitful, manipulative, provocative, and slanted MSM network anchors have been in their coverage of these events and ‘big lies’. As you review the list of these coordinated MSM deceptions (and the ‘gas-lighting’ coverage by CNN, MSNBC, and Fox), consider the damage that has been caused to society in terms of how MSM has repeatedly incited violence and balkanized citizens of America and the globe.

Media’s 8 biggest lies, deceptions, and hoaxes:

1. Russian Collusion (deep state collusion, fabricated Steele Dossier, FISA abuse)

2. Trump Impeachment (baseless first and second attempts)

3. Covid & Covid Public Health Policy (bogus science, fudged data, false narratives)

4. 2020 Federal Election (election/voting fraud and theft, foreign interference, big tech interference, breaches in application of constitutional law)

5. January 6, 2021 Capitol Hill Incident (false flag, dramatic hyperbole, overstated ‘insurrection’, journalistic abuse)

6. China Threat (general political corruption, inept response from intelligence and defense agencies, treasonous complicity of politicians/corporate oligarchs/media/social media/academia/entertainers/professional sports)

7. BLM & Antifa (Marxist founders, Marxist ideology, subversive intentions, systemic racist and criminal activities by its members, raging violent riots, internationally funded by uniparty & global elites, disregard for and contempt of constitutionally defined rule of law)

8. Biden Family Crime Cartel (foreign bribes & kickbacks, sexual predation and pedophilia rings, Hunter Biden laptop)

For those who are well informed and close to reliable sources of information (i.e., anything not associated with MSM), the 8 big lies will be self-evident in terms of their nature, scale, and depth of dishonesty and deception. For those still relying on MSM for their news coverage and analysis, there are several straight-forward ways to improve the accuracy and reliability of the news you read and see.

First, cutting your MSM cable is essential. Seek out alternatives such as Real America’s Voice, OAN, Epoch Times, Breitbart News, News Max, and Trending Politics to name a few. Secondly, exercise great caution with mainstream journalism where publications such as the New York Times and Washington Post work hand in hand with the usual suspects in fake news media. Thirdly, migrate from the mainstream social media and messenger platforms to more secure and private alternatives such as ProtonMail, Signal, Gab, DuckDuckGo, Telegram and Brave to build a social media foundation that is independent from the censorship and coercion imposed by the tech tyrants. Fourthly, it is a good idea to be aware of how professional sports and entertainment are carrying and pushing ideological messages that have been crafted and canned by MSM. Reducing or eliminating viewership of the worse offending professional leagues (NBA and NFL) and Hollywood movies/shows would go a long way in removing the toxic ‘signaling’ coming from these sources. Lastly, always remind yourself that the mainstream media (in the form of news and journalism) is united and choreographed in their efforts to be dishonest and partisan – an awareness of the rotten nature of fake MSM and their immoral anchors is critical. Be judicious and extremely careful with the news and journalism you decide to accept and consume. By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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