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Manning Johnson: "Color, Communism and Common Sense" - intro by Eric Dobbs

August 6, 2021: There has never been a better time to read and consider the insights of Manning Johnson, a great American patriot and unsung hero.

Manning Johnson is one of the unsung heroes of the conservative movement in America. Born in 1908, he fell victim to communist propaganda aimed to exploit the institutional racism in America at the time. After laboring for nearly a decade in the Communist Party of America, he discovered two of the undeniable truths of socialism and communism; (1) progressivism is strictly about social control and (2) segregation is a means to enforce social control.

Upon this epiphany Manning Johnson worked the balance of his life to shed the light of truth on progressivism especially as it relates to the black community. The revelations expressed in his booklet "Color, Communism, and Common Sense", are just as relevant today as they were over sixty years ago when it was written. It explains “why” the black church was and is presently being exploited as a means of effecting progressive social change. It reveals the tactics of white liberals to subvert the Constitution of the United States. Additionally, it shows how the media used agenda driven means to push the leftist policies just as it does today. There is so much to this brief but powerful booklet that an overview, such as this, cannot do it justice.

Below is a link with its content. Upon completing this reading, it will be easier to see why the left's exploitation of the “Black struggle” is a long held strategy in the progressive playbook.

Preamble by: Extremely American Journalist & Atlanta-based Contributor Eric Dobbs


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