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March 17, 2021 - Headlines

Last night Maria Bartiromo asked President Trump what he thought of the news that Meghan Markle is looking at a presidential run. President Trump responded, “Well, I hope that happens. Because if that happens then I’ll have an even stronger feeling towards running. I’m not a fan of hers - - I think that she talks about the Royal family too much and I happen to know the Queen and I think that she is a tremendous person. - - I’m not a fan of Meghan.”

The View’s Joy Behar: Violent left-wing group Antifa is ‘fictitious idea,’ not ‘a real thing’ - - “The View” co-host Joy Behar said that the far-left group Antifa is a “fictitious idea” and “not a real thing” this past Monday despite its well-documented history of violence. The hosts reacted to Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., saying he would have been concerned if the Jan. 6 Capitol riot was filled with members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, instead of Donald Trump supporters.

A new convoy of US occupation trucks loaded with logistic materials have entered Hasaka countryside via the illegal border crossings with northern Iraq to support the occupation’s bases in Hasaka countryside. Local sources in al-Khazna village told SANA reporter that a convoy, that includes 45 trucks loaded with boxes, military vehicles and fuel tankers, entered via al-Walid illegal border crossing with northern Iraq. The Syrian report notes that it’s a: …flagrant violation of the international law, the US occupation troops work to enhance their illegal presence in al-Jazeera region, as they have established several bases to protect and train armed groups and terrorist organizations operating under their command to achieve their hostile schemes.

Joe Biden and the DHS have been hiding the real number of unaccompanied illegal alien minors being held in border facilities from the public. Reporters have repeatedly asked Jen Psaki and the DHS just how many minors are currently in cages at the US-Mexico border and they refuse to answer. Reporters have also been blocked from touring the migrant facilities. CBS News reported on Tuesday that according to their sources, more than 13,000 migrant children are now in US custody. On Monday that number was reported to be 4,200 so the border crisis is much worse than we thought. More from CBS News: Joe Biden’s DHS Chief Alejandro Mayorkas threw gasoline on the border crisis on Tuesday and announced he is opening the doors for more migrants and expanding the Central American Minors program. More than 100,000 illegal aliens were detained crossing from Mexico in February because of Joe Biden’s disastrous immigration policies. The Biden Admin is holding thousands of illegal alien minors in “jail like” stations where they can only bathe once a week and are reportedly not allowed to call their parents. When asked if he has any plans to travel to the southern border, Biden said, “Not at the moment.”

A 2019 lawsuit filed in Michigan by Marc Elias of the infamous Democrat’s law firm Perkins Coie on behalf of the progressive group, Priorities USA insisted that signature verification was somehow illegal because it disenfranchised voters. According to a new ruling in a separate case in Michigan, Democrat Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson likely agreed with that sentiment. The Detroit News Reports - - State Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray has ruled invalid Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson’s guidance issued to Michigan clerks in early October that instructed them to presume the accuracy of absentee ballot signatures. Because Benson did not go through the proper rule-making process when issuing the guidance, clerks do not need to comply with it for future elections, Murray ruled last week. “The presumption is found nowhere in state law,” wrote Murray, an appointee of Republican former Gov. John Engler. “The mandatory presumption goes beyond the realm of mere advice and direction, and instead is a substantive directive that adds to the pertinent signature-matching standards.” But the ruling has come too late to matter, despite all the irregular data. “The Michigan Republican Party, one of the plaintiffs in the suit, celebrated the decision but noted it came too late to make a difference in the November election.


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