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March 26, 2021 - Headlines

“One of the comments Biden made today at his press conference is most telling in light of the bills being passed, most especially HR-1/S-1. There is also talk of ending the filibuster which means Democrats [socialists] can do anything they want. With that going on, Biden said he doesn’t know if there will be a Republican Party in 2024.”

Finally Racist POS fired - USA Today’s “Race and Inclusion” Editor Hemal Jhaveri has been fired for anti-white racist tweets following the Colorado mass shooting.

On Friday several Republican Senators took a tour of the open border with Mexico in Texas. What they saw was absolutely shocking and beyond anything we ever imagined. There are “Biden Arrows” set up to direct illegal aliens to government services and Joe Biden is releasing the illegal aliens on the streets of America within 8 hours! Senator Lindsey Graham: Joe Biden made the situation worse yesterday…The last thing I learned is that we are complicit as a nation in human trafficking. What did we learn last night? There’s a trail on our side of the border with markers placed by the federal government to show illegal immigrants where to go. That we’re transporting people who paid to get here the last mile with your taxpayer dollars. It’s costing about $800 a day per child. If we don’t change… There’ll be 250,000 people a month coming. The border patrol says there’s no end to this.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Friday that President Joe Biden intends to sign executive orders instituting increased gun control. “Yes,” Psaki flatly stated in response to a question on the subject during Friday’s press briefing. “I can’t give you an exact time frame in part, because they have to go through a review process, which is something that we do from here.” Americans bought over 39 million registered guns last year during the Fauci lockdowns and BLM-antifa summer riots. U.S. gun sales surged 60% to 4,137,480 in January of this year, the largest single-month total since figures started to be recorded in 1998, as more Americans worried about their personal safety with a Biden administration.

Brooks labeled HR1 the “Voter Fraud Enhancement Act”: What the socialists in Washington are trying to do is nationalize election theft and prevent legislatures from implementing better safeguards to help secure our election system so that we have more honest and accurate election…What Georgia did, fantastic. It moves us in the right direction. I just hope that other states will do the same thing. And if I might give people a bible to look at on this election issue, go the Commission on Federal Election Reform, co-chaired by Democrat Jimmy Carter.


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