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Maria Bartiromo covers the impact of censorship in the fight against Covid

June 23, 2021: Maria Bartiromo (Fox Sunday Morning Futures) is one of the rare media anchors who have consistently demonstrated objective and professional coverage in mainstream news. In this video, Bartiromo covers the important topic of media and social media censorship and suppression and its crippling impact on the fight against Covid. Special guests Senator Ron Johnson and Dr. Pierre Kory offer candid insights into the subversive role played by media as dominating and political-arm censors. The net effect of pervasive media and social media censorship has been a sub-optimal (failed) fight against Covid that can be measured in lost lives and unnecessary anguish in America and around the world.

The video also features footage of Governor DeSantis and damning comments regarding Anthony Fauci and the WHO. The "biggest lies" from the DNC and mainstream media over the past year are summarized as an effective conclusion to this powerful 15-minute video segment.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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