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Maricopa AZ Election Judge: “I have no confidence at all that this election was run fairly”

By: Mark Finchem

December 14, 2022: Thank goodness for good investigative journalism. Not the Soros-backed, derivative, propaganda pieces the Left likes to put out in the Mainstream Media that they call journalism, but real, honest investigations of real issues.

Jordan Conradson at the Gateway Pundit revealed something shocking about the elections in Maricopa. She highlighted to the Gateway Pundit severe election day issues that made having a secure election impossible. I detail some of the biggest issues she highlighted below. This testimony comes from an election judge who revealed this information to the Gateway Pundit, and asked them to redact his name, but will testify in court if necessary.

The Election judge stated:

“The massive lines were real. We had close to 200 people in line at one point, and it was a two-hour wait. And we had people walking off of the line because they just couldn’t wait anymore.”

This was a result whereby other voting centers were seemingly sending their voters to this one election center despite not having proper check-out procedures.

In particular, many Election Day voters were sent away from their primary Election Center to vote in another Election Center, without being told they needed to “check-out” of the first one in order for their vote to count.

Jordan Conradson highlights a situation where two Democrats were allowed to register to vote immediately before the election, using out-of-state identification.

The Election Judge told these individuals that according to State Law, they were not eligible to cast a ballot, but they could receive a provisional ballot to be possibly reviewed later.

But then the inspector came to the rescue of the Democrats, called the hotline, and got special permission for these two Democrats to receive regular ballots.

There was another woman who was allowed to vote after turning in registration paperwork without a signature and with a commercial address as her own address.

If that doesn’t scream fraud, then I don’t know what does!

Regarding what was being allowed as ID, the Election Judge said the following:

“You didn’t need an actual certified paper. You could use a photograph of it. So technically, I could take my auto registration and my auto insurance card and Photoshop, take pictures of them and walk in and vote as anyone I want.”

This is why the Election Judge ultimately claimed:

“I have no confidence at all that this election was run fairly.”

Rules exist for a reason, folks, and there’s a reason I say that we MUST FOLLOW THE LAW.

They do not exist for fun and games, they exist to ensure an equal playing field which enables every legal vote to be counted, not allowing for Election Day shenanigans and people voting with obviously incorrect ID, fake addresses, and unsigned paperwork!

You can see the signed affidavit of this Election Judge here:

When you have people voting using incorrect IDs, fake addresses, and unsigned paperwork, you do not have a secure election. You have fraud on a massive and unforgiveable scale.

This is what I am fighting against and why I am working daily to build a ironclad legal case to make sure that this fraud of an election sees its day in court.

If we do not pursue legal action, this is what happens: the 2022 Election becomes precedent. Moreover, it becomes the blueprint for future elections.

This is exactly what the Democrats want. If an Election like the 2022 Arizona Election is allowed to stand, it becomes their blank check to do whatever they want.

“Why are you complaining, we were allowed to do that in the 2022 Arizona Election. What’s your problem?

We are opening ourselves up to a world where we may never see a free and fair election again if we do not fight back now.


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