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Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) returns to Twitter with EPIC rant attacking Dems, BLM, Covid policies

MTG returns to Twitter with EPIC rant attacking Dems, BLM, Covid policies

"All lives matter," said MTG. "Let's talk about the autopsy report. George Floyd died of a drug overdose. Fentanyl poisoning. This is the only fentanyl poisoning death the Democrats care about."

November 22, 2022: Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (MTG) made her triumphant return to Twitter via her personal account on Monday, which was reinstated on Monday after an over 11-month-long suspension. Greene spoke for an hour and fifteen minutes via Twitter's live stream function, where she spoke about leftist hypocrisy, Black Lives Matter, Covid, and various other controversial topics.

The video's theme was the death of free speech, where she argued that Americans aren't really free, as "for the first time in American history," free speech was being controlled by a billionaire tech class.

MTG said that the US has experienced years of bridges being burned and that the US is now a divided nation.

She spoke extensively about those who have been banned from several tech platforms, including some people being banned from banks and apps like Uber, bringing into question whether the US is still the freest country in the world.

The congresswoman spoke about how truth was under attack and that truth has transformed into something that's in the "eye of the beholder." She said that some peoples' truths, which were really lies, became "popular" and were uplifted, while others' truths were squashed and thrown to the side for being "wrong, dangerous, and extreme."

She spoke about how the mainstream media was pushing false "truths" like the Russiagate hoax, gender ideology and the several lies that come attached to it, like that there is more than two genders.

She spoke about the left's sexualization of children and the promotion of a medical industry that is performing procedures on children. She called puberty blockers dangerous and noted that those who dare question the ideology are labeled as being bigoted and evil.

"These are things we should be able to talk about on social media platforms. This should be up for debate," she said, naming 18-year-old detransitioner Chloe Cole as an example of what can happen when ideas go unchecked. "They should be able to come and tell their stories and the left should be sympathetic," she said of detransitioners.

She also praised Twitter account LibsofTikTok, which has been suspended several times "because they simply put up the videos of people on TikTok saying and doing crazy things. Drag queen story time, drag queen shows, teachers showing their classrooms... how they want to groom children into this gender ideology things.

"It's those people's words. it's those people's actions... but yet Libs of TikTok got suspended multiple times for showing those people," blaming the communists at Twitter "that suspended Libs of TikTok's account, and many others... because she was showing them in their truth and it was revealing too much. It was revealing the truth about those people too much," she said.

Greene also spoke about the hypocrisy around the Black Lives Matter "Summer of Rage" that saw buildings in cities across the United States torched. Greene sarcastically called the protests "mostly peaceful. A little bit fiery, but mostly peaceful," in a joke at the expense of CNN, noting that billions of dollars worth of damage was done over a 13 week period.

Greene said that all of this damage was done because of George Floyd. Greene read parts of Floyd's autopsy, which details the various drugs that were in his system at the time of his death

"All lives matter," said MTG. "Let's talk about the autopsy report. George Floyd died of a drug overdose. Fentanyl poisoning. This is the only fentanyl poisoning death the Democrats care about," she said, noting that the Democrats don't care about the border crisis which is making it easier for organized criminals to smuggle in drugs like fentanyl. She also noted that Floyd had "hypertension, heart disease," and "meth and fentanyl" in his system that would have made it difficult for him to breathe.

She also made sure to mention Capt. David Dorn, a retired police officer that was shot and killed during the riots, and Secoriea Turner, the 8-year-old black girl that was shot and killed during riots in Atlanta.

"Their black lives didn't matter [to Democrats]," she said.

She also spoke about the Democratic Party establishment making it a sin to question the legitimacy of elections, to the point where people were getting banned and their posts censored for "challenging the results and you can't criticize the machines, or you'll get sued."

"After the summer of rage, January 6 happened, but that day is the most violent day in history and called an 'insurrection." she continued, noting that over 95 percent of Antifa BLM rioters had their charges dropped, "but very few of these January 6 have had their charges dropped," calling the justice system "two-tiered."

She also slammed certain states' Covid-19 responses, saying that the government took "away your ability to go to church," and she condemned the actions of hospitals that banned "doctors and nurses who saved people's lives.

"Doctors were told they needed to get vaxxed. They were fired. Fired from their jobs. our front-line heroes were fired from their jobs, why? Because they didn't want the vaccine? Because they trusted their immune system?" she said.

She called her past Democratic opponent Marcus Flowers a grifter, saying that those who donated to his campaign should get a refund, saying that "he paid himself out of his campaign."

Greene said she had more to say, and that she'd potentially host another live stream session.


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