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Mark Levin comments on the threat of 'American Marxism'

July 22, 2021: Mark Levin, constitutional lawyer and author of the Best Seller 'American Marxism', is on an aggressive speaking circuit to explain the greatest threat to our nation (and the rest of the world) and the social/cultural Marxist cancer that has been metastasizing for years/decades - a cancer that is now devouring our free-world economy, society, culture, and heritage at breakneck speed. This short interview between Maria Bartiromo and Mark Levin is an excellent introduction into the concept of 'American Marxism' and the peril it is 'delivering' to America.

During his interview with Bartiromo, Levin stated in no uncertain and sobering terms: "They [the American Marxists] need to be crushed or we are going to lose the country".

A longer form interview between Charlie Kirk (Turning Point USA) is also offered to those interested in a deeper review of 'American Marxism'. Extremely American considers Mark Levin's book 'American Marxism' essential content and encourages everyone to study and act on the content and guidance offered in this seminal publication by Levin.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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