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Marxist Radicals & Radicalism in our School System - How did this happen?

September 1, 2021: There are viral videos circulating showing how Marxist teachers (and their radical CRT dogma) are embedded in the public school system and are actively integrating Marxist propagandist.

Consider the following videos for illustration purposes:

One of the startling characteristics about these individuals is they are young and have experienced an extremely privileged lifestyle. All of which begs the question of "how did this happen?".

To answer this question there is need for historical context. Over 50 years ago, the U.S. Federal Loan Program was created under the noble intent of relieving working families of the burden of saving for college tuition. The program would provide moderately term low interest loans to qualified borrowers. By the mid 80's the program not only was a boon for borrowers, it also was a much-needed lift for struggling institutions, so much so that many small colleges were financed via the Federal Guaranteed Student Loan program. Needleless to say when trillions of dollars are flowing, waste, fraud, and abuse will follow. According to, there is currently $124.4 billion dollars of student debt is in default.

So, what does this have to do with liberal indoctrination? Simply answered, everything. There is no secret that the first bastion of liberalism is the modern liberal arts college campus. Thanks to the gratuitous loan programs, the campuses have churned out a generation of useless disciplines such as Gender and Equity Studies, Ethnic Studies, and Environmental Sustainability. These are not disciplines of productivity; they are disciplines victimology and laziness. Moreover, these disciplines foster and intensify a socialist economic model. The latest legislation hidden in the "infrastructure" bill, will guarantee the first 2 years of community college. If history is any indication of the future events for big government programs, one can anticipate that these two years will be filled with woke and/or Marxist ideologies.

Just as there is a growing groundswell of resistance at local school boards around the country, a parallel effort must be enforced on what is included in this "free" college education. College education is (or at least should be) a valuable and rewarding experience. Let's make sure that the aim is to create a productive and in-demand workforce and not a cadre of modern day socialists.

By: Extremely American Contributor & Atlanta-based Journalist Eric Dobbs


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