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Marxist Tactics on Full Display: Harris Claims "Trump Will Weaponize the DOJ Against His Enemies"

PURE PROJECTION: Kamala Harris Says if Reelected, Trump Will Weaponize the Department of Justice Against His Enemies (VIDEO)

March 14, 2024: During a campaign appearance in Denver this week, Vice President Kamala Harris warned the audience that if Trump is reelected, he will weaponize the Department of Justice against his enemies.

That’s a rather ironic statement, considering that this is exactly what the Biden administration is doing right now.

In recent years, Democrats have mastered the art of projection, accusing others of trying to do what they are actually doing in real time.

Kamala Harris visits Denver to tout reelection campaign, forewarn of dangers if Trump wins

Vice President Kamala Harris spoke to a crowd of supporters at a campaign event in Denver Tuesday, contrasting what a second Biden-Harris administration would look like with what former President Donald Trump has said he’d do if reelected.

“This state is so important,” Harris said. “Colorado is so important, and you will be part of deciding the future of our country.”…

On immigration, Harris said a bipartisan border security bill hasn’t passed only because Trump, the Republican front-runner in the presidential race, told House Republicans to reject the legislation.

“If he is reelected, the former president has openly vowed to carry out, quote, ‘the largest domestic deportation operation in American History,’” Harris said. “And that is not all: If he is reelected, the former president has openly said he intends to weaponize the Department of Justice against his enemies.”

Here’s the video:

People can see through this.

Only the most hardcore, partisan, MSNBC-watching, leftist zombie would put any weight in these comments from Harris.

Marxist tactics and vile Alinsky's 'Rules for Radicals' playbook on full display (below):


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