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Mask fanatic & child abuser caught on film - Covid is not an excuse to allow child abuse & torture

September 20, 2021: Covid-19 is NOT an excuse for emotionally unstable Covid fanatics to abuse and torture our children. With increasing frequency, unstable and unhinged Covid fanatics are being caught abusing our children in their efforts to enforce mask rules on infants and toddlers. Unfortunately, we've all seen too many examples of this type of video footage involving "child masking abuse" in all settings, from planes to day care centers.

It is time to put a stop to this Covid lunacy especially when it involves toddlers and defenseless children. The footage provided from this NYC day care center should be addressed by (1) this child's parents, (2) the local police, and (3) a good lawyer. Take note that these Covid idiots are everywhere and most especially around our children. More than ever, keep an eye on teachers and day care center workers where Covid fanaticism appears to be running disproportionately rampant and hostile.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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