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Matt Gaetz: Big Pharma Rogues are Coercing Congress Members to Ignore 'Vaccine Injury' Crisis

Florida Rep. Gaetz Says Congress Members Pressured by Big Pharma to Not Investigate “Vaccine-Injured”

November 18, 2023: Rep. Matt Gaetz said during a recent hearing that powerful lawmakers in Congress don’t want to address the risk of COVID-19 vaccines because too many of them are in the pocket of Big Pharma.

The Fort Walton Beach Republican made that argument during a hearing hosted by Georgia Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Greene’s “field” hearing last week was held in a congressional office building, and not in a regular committee meeting.

Gaetz said that was because of the influence of drugmakers.

A reasonable person watching this hearing might wonder why this is a field hearing being chaired by Congresswoman Greene rather than a hearing held by the House and the Senate with one of our standing committees. I believe that reason is because far too many members of those committees obtain those committee seats because they are bought and paid for by Big Pharma,” said Gaetz.

“If you go look at the people who lead these positions in the House and Senate, and you line up the money they get from Big Pharma lobbyists and Big Pharma PACs, it is pretty easy to see why we are here,” he added.

Gaetz said such a hearing was necessary because other Republicans raising questions about the “vaccine-injured,” such as Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson, are being stonewalled on requests for more details.

Dr. Robert Malone, a founder of the mRNA technology used in the COVID shots and now a critic of them, told Greene’s committee that many doctors are being subjected to “an enormous amount propaganda or pysops [psychological operations]” about the effectiveness of the vaccines and also face “disincentives” not to more widely report “adverse” events.

Gaetz said that behavior must be outlawed.

Malone said it is already illegal. However, doctors and healthcare systems are being pressured not to disclose these events in the federal vaccine database.

“A strong case could be made that this does represent medical fraud,” said Malone. Some of that even happens within the federal bureaucracy that is supposed to monitor the safety of the jabs.

In response, Gaetz noted, “We’re only aware of the vaccine injuries, where essentially people are so hyper-aware of the connection between these things that they almost self-identify because we have this infrastructure that disincentivizes it, and we fund this system…. And we should not tolerate that.”


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