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Meet the Biggest Threat to & Fear of the Left - his name is CJ Pearson and he is 18 years old

August 30, 2021: This young man, CJ Pearson, is the future of the conservative movement. He's only 18 years old and he speaks truth to power. He refuses to let the color of his skin dictate what he believes.

In what was planned and positioned as a shameful ambush on the Roland Martin Show, 18 year old CJ Pearson handled the attempts at intimidation and overt shaming by maintaining a composure and rational intellect rarely seen by an adult, let alone an 18 year old. CJ Pearson was particularly powerful in handling the wretched CRT racist Jane Elliott. As you review both the short video and full episode of the Roland Martin Show, take special note of the hyper-aggressive and intimidation (albeit ineffective) tactics used by Roland Martin and his unhinged left-leaning guests.

CJ Pearson is the young man that you just heard in this video and he going to be a conservative super star.


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