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Memorial Day Weekend "is just another long weekend" to Kamala Harris

June 1, 2021: In an interview on NewsMax (May 31, 2021), former acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Richard Grenell commented on the idiotic and anti-patriotic Memorial Day Weekend message Kamala Harris sent to America. Heading into the Memorial weekend, anti-American Harris told America to "Enjoy the long weekend". Harris marginalized the importance of Memorial Day with yet another insulting and glib message to the nation - and it did not go unnoticed.

Grenell's interview included the following comments:

"What we're seeing now is Kamala Harris really stumble on the national stage. Whether it's her inability to go down and communicate on the border why she's in charge or what the problems are, or articulate why she's not going to physically be there. Or now what we see is her stumbles where she's not quite able to articulate patriotism the way the others are.

The idea that she's prepared to lead the country is a joke. She's never been put through the rigor. She's really unaccustomed to tough questions. You'll notice she's not meeting the press. She's not going out, because she's just really used to having the comfortable Sacramento or California press cover her, which means she gets glowing reviews for anything she does.

Now that's she's in Washington, she still has the progressive D.C. reporter-type glow all around her, but she's now having to face conservative media, or real journalism, and she's unaccustomed to that."

The link to the NewsMax article and full interview is provided here for your reference:

Link: NewsMax Interview with former DNI Director Ric Grenell

With every passing day America can see that Biden, Harris, and the DNC Socialist Party are rabidly anti-American and anti-patriotic. Words and actions have meaning and Harris is the perfect example of everything wrong with the unhinged left.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright

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