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Merrick Garland and Jack Smith Used 'Linguistic Trickery' to Indict Trump on Junk Documents Charges

Merrick Garland and Jack Smith Used Linguistic Tricks to Indict President Trump on Junk Documents Charges

June 11, 2023: On Saturday, The Conservative Treehouse disclosed how Merrick Garland and Jack Smith used a linguistic trick to indict President Trump on junk documents charges.

It’s well known that Merrick Garland is a serial liar and has committed perjury in front of the US Congress without consequence.

Jack Smith, the far-left partisan who Garland appointed as Special Counsel, has a disturbingly lawless career. Smith had one case overturned by the Supreme Court for lying and withholding evidence. Smith was an instrumental player in the IRS conservative targeting scandal before the 2012 election.

And like in many federal jobs, the more Jack Smith lied and cheated the further he advanced.

And it appears Jack Smith is up to his old tricks.

Once you understand how, you then understand one of the most overlooked nonsensical aspects to the insufferable DOJ and FBI case that has been pushed in the media for the past year. The indictment accuses President Trump of withholding documents containing “classified markings,” a very specifically deployed obtuse wording intended to create the implication of something nefarious where nothing nefarious exists. It is entirely possible for a person, any person, especially a person who follows the news, to possess documents containing “classified markings.” There is a big difference between a classified document and a document containing classified markings. As an example, anyone who has looked at the Carter Page FISA application, made public in July 2018, has reviewed a document containing “classified markings.” When a document is declassified, they do not remove the markings. You might think this is a one-off use of the “documents with classification markings” lingo, but it’s not. This language is the underpinning of the entire DOJ/FBI framework that predicated the raid on Mar-a-Lago. Specifically, neither NARA nor the DOJ-NSD requested President Trump or his team to return Classified Documents. The DOJ demanded the return of any documents that contained “classified markings.”

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