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'Metastatic Liberalism' by Eric Dobbs

July 7, 2021: We live in the age of “woke-ness”. All the traditional norms of our great American society is being challenged on every level. Wokeness is not new, it is simply the rebranding of liberalism. The “woke” marketing strategy, however is new. An ideology once confined to institutions of higher learning and coffee houses, the language and expected behaviors of liberalism are now being mainstreamed into our conscience. Propagandized Media

The largest catalyst for the spread of liberalism is the overtly biased media. For the past 25 years the American media has and continues to be purely agenda driven. High priority is given to secularism, climate change, gun control, and police violence to name a few. Any opposition to the agenda is labeled extremism. It is easy to trace how the mainstream media sing from the same hymnal.

Embedded Socialist Policies

Socialist politicians of both parties are gutless by nature. They understand that if they run on their true intentions they are convinced their careers end. So they embed the socialist endeavors in omnibus spending bills. Government programs written into law rarely if ever end. It creates the dependency from its recipients needed to survive.


Critical Race Theory (CRT) is the lynch pin to ultimately transform America into a totally socialist society. It’s aim is shame any opposition to socialism on one end and indoctrination of the youth on the other. Major coronations to kindergarten are introducing CRT. This is no coincidence. For corporations, there are tax incentives to “force” CRT on employees and likewise there are government grants to indoctrinate youth. A stage 4 diagnosis is a horrible prognosis for a patient to receive. This country is in 'stage 4 liberalism'. Acute and swift treatment is needed immediately. Now is the time for those who love liberty and the importance of an individual pursuit of happiness to stand and fight back.

By: Extremely American Atlanta-based Journalist & Contributor Eric Dobbs

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