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Anthony Furey of 'True North Wire': "SOS! Send help to Ontario!"

July 11, 2021: This is an attempt to raise awareness about the plight of Ontario under the iron grip of Premier Doug Ford. Somehow Doug Ford, his public health 'czars', and a cartel of liberal media hacks have managed to hoodwink a large portion of Ontario's residents. For those Ontarians who are either (1) savvy enough to study objective and reliable sources of information about Covid or (2) travel outside Ontario and see that it's province's public health policy is excessive, abusive, and unnecessary, there is a degree of awareness. For all other Ontarians, they have unwittingly/unknowingly fallen into a propaganda trap set by Doug Ford (and a similar trap set by Justin Trudeau at the national level).

Anthony Furey (from the on-line journal 'True North Wire') is one voice amongst millions of Ontarians sounding the alarm within the province and abroad. He is sending out a desperate SOS to the world - this is EA's effort to help spread the word about the tyranny of Doug Ford's authoritarian government and the unethical "work" of his public health care "enforcers and accomplices".

Please help the 14 million residents of Ontario by sharing this story and the attached video. Let's all shine light on Doug Ford's abuse of power and his reign of manipulation in Ontario.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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