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Millions protest Covid Tyranny around the world while MSM Continues to Censor all forms of Dissent

May 30, 2021: You know things are rotten when mainstream media worldwide continues to conspire and do their best to cover up mass dissent over Covid tyranny (excessive public health policy and blatant government overreach). Similarly, it is shocking that citizens around the world must rely on the RT media network as a sole source of video coverage to view the Covid protests sweeping the planet.

The recent Unite for Freedom rally in London England serves as a case in point. According to RT, the May 29th protest in London drew tens of thousands of participants,

"united by their mistrust of how the British government is handling the Covid-19 situation. Such events are part of a larger movement that’s gripping Western countries.

In the latest weekly demonstration, tens of thousands marched through the streets of the British capital under the banner “Unite for Freedom”. The rally brought together groups of people who are variously unhappy with the prolonged lockdowns imposed by the government, mistrustful of Covid-19 vaccines and harbour anti-government sentiments."

David Kurten, formerly of the UK Independence Party, estimated that the gathering was larger than the one held last weekend: “We are all out, normal people, not wearing any masks, not taking any vaccines, demanding that the government give us back the civil liberties that they never had the right to take away.”

The point is that millions around the world are furious with our corrupt political leaders, our public health experts, and mainstream media. The media can try to hide the mass protests all they want; the fact remains that these Covid protests are enormous in size and growing in frequency and intensity with every passing week. The short RT video clip (provided) illustrates what all other fake mainstream media refuses to cover - reality and the truth.

By: Extremely American Colin Wright


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