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Biden delivers 6-point plan aimed at transforming America into a Police State

September 9, 2021: This is a difficult 25-minute video to watch. Frankly, watching a "managed" moron like Biden for 25 seconds is a difficult task. Nevertheless, it is crucial to see what Biden's handlers instructed him to say today. Biden's address was nothing less than a 6-point plan to dial up this administration's goal of embedding bio-fascism in America in unimaginable ways.

During this shameful display of tyranny, America bore witness to a blatant threat made against more than 80 million Americans. Biden shamefully pitted "vaccinated" Americans against "unvaccinated" Americans. Biden and his handlers predictably labelled the Covid crisis as a "Pandemic of the Unvaccinated" which is nothing more than a pure lie and an attempt to foment hatred within America. Biden delivered veiled threats to any opponents at any level of government, notably American Governors of Republican Red States.

In a rambling preamble intended to segue into his 6-point bio-fascist plan, Bden made these points:

- Vaccination rates amongst the unvaccinated are to be aggressively pursued. The US Department of Labor is to develop an emergency rule to require all employers with more than 100 employees to ensure their work forces are fully vaccinated or show a negative test at least once per week

- All nursing home, hospital, and general health care workers are to be fully vaccinated.

- An executive order will be signed requiring all executive branch federal employees to be vaccinated.

- An executive order will be signed requiring all federal contractors and their employees to be vaccinated.

- The Department of Labor will require employers with more than 100 employees to compensate its workers with pay for the time off needed to get vaccinated.

- For all entertainment venues, an appeal was issued to require full vaccination as a condition for entry.

Here are the 6 bio-fascist points Biden's handlers instructed him to say:

(1) Greater vaccination rates will be encouraged by using all means possible to increase the number and frequency of "booster shots" and placing an increased focus on vaccinating children over the age of 12. Schools will be mandated to implement full safety measures including 100% vaccination of teachers. Governors will be called on to require all teachers from all schools to be vaccinated.

(2) A Federal Plan will be used to "take on" any Governors deemed to be working against the Biden Administration and to "get them out of the way by using federal powers".

(3) A program will be launched to Increase testing and masking. The program will make testing more available, more affordable, and more convenient. Biden will use the Defense Production Act to increase the production of rapid tests. Free testing will be expanded at 10,000 pharmacies and will commit $2 billion to purchase 300 million rapid tests.

(4) Effective today, the TSA will double fine on travelers who refuse to mask or deemed to cause issues.

(5) Biden announced a program to "protect" the economic recovery by expanding the Covid Economic Injury Disaster Loan Program (by expanding from low interest loans from $500 thousand up $2 million with no repayment up to 2 years).

(6) Will continue to improve Covid health care by expanding the role and presence of Surge Response Teams. Today, the US Defense Department will double the number of military health teams deployed around the country.

One way or another, Biden must be removed from office if America is to avoid absolute tyranny and post-modern fascism.

After watching this old fool threaten Americans, the last thing an American should do is follow his treasonous and fascist commands. It is time to reject any commands coming from this fraud and fascist tyrant.

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